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Thursday, October 12, 2017

PUERTO RICO ignored CALIFORNIA ignored Trump: Unfit to serve

FEMA is ignoring PUERTO RICO! 

The Overweight Bully,  preoccupied with IRRATIONAL TWEETIE RANTS and the NFL, fails to aid CALIFORNIA.

From FB friend:
The Dystopian States of America where the citizens of Puerto Rico are drinking from creeks and streams and getting a disease called Leptosporasis that is caught from drinking from creeks and streams contaminated by human and animal waste. It is treatable with penicillin if victims can get to hospital. There are reports of ppl. Dying from this treatable disease and it is being unreported. Rachel Maddow reported up to 350 ppl. Are in morgue and awaiting an autopsy. They died from illnesses after the storm. Ppl. Are drinking from contaminated super fund clean up sites also. There is ppl. Missing and dead in California wildfires and the air quality is so bad ppl. Are told to stay indoors. There is ash falling from the sky as far as San Francisco. Disneyland looks like an apocalyptic wonderland. This is no Sci-fi novel. This is happening now! Americans are dying as Trump fiddles!

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