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Thursday, January 26, 2017

MAAO: Drone Technology for Assessors

MAAO Winter Meeting, 2017
The annual MAAO Winter Meeting is scheduled for March 1st at
Lombardo’s in Randolph.
The fees for this year are $80 for members and $105 for non-members.
Please click on the links below for the program and for online registration. 
Go to this link “Upcoming Events” for registration
Drone Technology for Assessors 
Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) traditionally have been used by the military but are quickly becoming increasingly more attractive for use in commercial and local government applications with huge potential being recognized for property review and inspection. Interest in UAS and the emergence of the technology is rapidly expanding but there are challenges that need to be overcome before it becomes standard operating procedure. The use of UAS for valuation offers tremendous potential at significantly reduced costs, particularly in more rural areas and when review of current aerial imagery deems that a closer inspection is required. This unique tool will be utilized to obtain aerial photographs, gather detailed site topography, and perform construction inspections. This resource will allow us to shorten the time from idea to development concept and paints a detailed picture of day-to-day construction activities.” Speaker: Andrew B Street, PE – Civil Engineering Mgr, CDI Inc.  

This e-mail was sent from Massachusetts Association Of Assessing Officers 

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