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Sunday, August 13, 2017

CounterCurrent: With Love From Gorakhpur

Dear Friend,

News reports suggest that about 70 children have died in the Gorakhpur hospital tragedy. Dr Shah Alam Khan of All India Institute of Medical Sciences writes a heartrending poem. Being a doctor, he understands all the pain.

The US is marching towards a war, which may even turn nuclear, with North Korea. Time for the world to wake up to this growing danger.

Also more stories from around the world. 

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In Solidarity

Binu Mathew

The US May End Up At War With North Korea
by Mousumi Roy 

Trump has stolen the headlines again with more saber rattling against North Korea. American have to worry about Kim Jong-un. Preparing for war leads to war. Preparing for peace might lead to peace. Humankind never prepares for peace. Two schoolyard bullies threatening each other. Both are crazy so who knows if one or both of them will start a war. The current liberal government, while supporting sanctions and related pressure on North Korea, is very much alarmed by Trump’s belligerent attitude.

With Love From Gorakhpur
by Prof Shah Alam Khan 

Then they reached, seventy of them,
In shrouds as white as the lilies of the field.
They cried, they wailed, they gasped for air,
Their caring moms left behind.

Backward Steps: The Australian Recycling Sham
by Dr Binoy Kampmark 

The green conscience received a setback last week with revelations that the Australian recycling industry is not what it seems.  The middle class sensibility here is simple and dismissive: bin it and forget about it. Place the sorted items in the appropriate set place and let others do the rest.

The End Of Our Species Is Now A Real Possibility
by David Anderson 

Time is closing in. Our species is under threat. We must act in unison ‑ and quickly. We must change the way we think.

Bringing Up Progressive Children
by Sally Dugman 

One’s living in a proactively progressive family is not easy from a number of standpoints. Especially as a youngster, one can feel torn between wanting to fit in with contemporaries and standing up for an altogether different viewpoint and lifestyle — an alternative that could cause one to be ostracized and shunned by peers

Rana Ayyub Honoured In Canada

Courageous author and journalist Rana Ayyub – who exposed the involvement of the Indian officials in the systematic killings of Muslims was honoured by Radical Desi in Surrey on Saturday.

Hamid Ansari And Right To Express
by Sheshu Babu 

When the outgoing vice president Mr. Ansari expressed that Muslims feel a sense of unease  there was a furore in the BJP circles and many leaders started to hurl jibes at him

Odisha Villagers Pass Resolution Against Vedanta

On 11th August 2017,the villagers of five villages,namely,Singaram, Biriguda, Biriguda colony, Balijodi and Odiapentah situated on foot of Kondinga Hill of Rayagada – Koraput district of southern Odisha, opposing the decision of the government to hand over the Hill to Vedanta company in such backdoor policy, have passed resolution, “not to give any patta land, forest land and community land to any mining company”.  

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