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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hey Trumpers! Everything about Don the Con is FAKE including 'followers' !

A quick investigation into Trump’s Twitter followers has found that 
an incredible…


Ah, the saga of "Nicole Mincey." Over the weekend, Donald Trump used Twitter to thank Nicole for her support. One problem. She doesn't exist. Add to the strangeness of this presidency Nicole and perhaps millions more like her; Bots that seem to be real until you take a closer look.
From Vogue:
"Sadly, Nicole Mincey isn’t the only Trump bot out there pushing pro-Trump propaganda and merch. Over the weekend, several Twitter users pointed out a number of fake accounts that have all been using photos of T-shirt models in order to create fake personas online. One Trump bot account (which has also been recently suspended) pulled a photo of a “trendy Hispanic girl” (that is the actual search term) from apparel mock-up site Placeit, which allows users to promote their T-shirt designs on models. The profile photo of “Nicole Mincey” was also pulled from that site, as were a number of other fake accounts featuring photos of primarily African-American and Latino fans. (If you can’t win minority voters over, make them up!) "

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