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Sunday, August 13, 2017

JUNK MAIL & FAKE NEWS: Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance Voter Education SCAM


A GLOSSY BULK MAILING from Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance arrived EDUCATING ME!

Clearly the Beacon Hill votes were education required.

Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance was not known...research required.

This gem was found, pertinent portions highlighted:


Massachusetts Playbook

Lauren Dezenski's must-read rundown of what's up on Beacon Hill and beyond.

MASS FISCAL ALLIANCE investigated -- LICENSE SUSPENSION bill signed into law today -- Lead in the water at BPS

03/30/2016 06:20 AM EDT
By Lauren Dezenski (; @laurendezenski)
TODAY -- The House meets for formal session, with votes on bills on hands-free phone use while driving, chapter 90 local road funding, creating “senior citizen safety zones,” and designating the Boston cream pie cupcake as the official cupcake of the commonwealth -- Gov. Charlie Baker, LG Karyn Polito and Senate President Stan Rosenberg sign into law a bill related to vehicle license suspensions for individuals convicted of drug offenses -- The Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight, currently hammering out public records reform legislation, meets at 2 p.m.
DEMOCRATS REJOICE -- The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, the thorn in many a Dem’s side, is being investigated by OCPF for its status as a nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization after its actions may have crossed the line into partisan electioneering, the Boston Globe’s Frank Phillips reports.
“The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance was careful in its wording on the fund-raising appeal, never explicitly saying which candidate it favored in this month’s special elections in Fitchburg and Peabody. As a nonpartisan, educational tax-exempt organization, it’s not allowed to take sides.” …
“But its reference to waging ‘an all-out blitz’ just seven days before the March 1 state representative contests caught the attention of state campaign finance regulators, who are now reviewing whether the group improperly crossed the line into partisan campaigning.”
“In previous mailings, MassFiscal — which is run by former GOP operatives and focused on fiscal conservatism — had painted the Democratic candidates in the two races as tax-raisers, and the Republicans as more aligned with their mission.” …

“After receiving a complaint about the “blitz” e-mail from the state Democratic Party, the Office of Campaign and Political Finance is now taking a serious look at whether it constitutes political activity, according to a person familiar with the agency’s review. The agency has declined to comment.” READ ON --
THE SHRINKING HEALTH SAFETY NET -- “Baker administration changes eligibility for health coverage for the poor in Massachusetts,” by Shira Schoenberg, Springfield Republican: “Gov. Charlie Baker's administration plans to cut $60 million from a state program that pays for health care for uninsured and underinsured individuals, partially by changing eligibility standards. Advocates for the poor worry that changes to program eligibility will force more people into debt when they cannot pay for their care.”
OPIOID EPIDEMIC -- “Toddler's apparent OD latest effect of opioid epidemic,” by Lindsay Kalter, Boston Herald: “A 1-year-old’s apparent accidental opioid overdose — now under investigation by Westfield police and the state child welfare agency — could show the alarming and tragic collateral damage of the nation’s epidemic of addiction, police and doctors say.”
GLOBE JOINS CHORUS OF VOICES CALLING FOR ACTION ON TRANS BILL -- “It’s time for a vote on the Mass. transgender bill,” by the Boston Globe Editorial Board: “GOVERNOR BAKER and the Legislature appear to be stuck in a game of chicken on an important piece of legislation. The game needs to stop, and the legislation needs to be called for a vote.”
HE’LL BE THE JUDGE OF THAT -- “From judge to justice: the case for Merrick Garland,” by Lawrence Tribe, Boston Globe: “I’ve seen that success on the court requires diverse traits: deep knowledge of the law, humility about the judicial role, an understanding of and concern for law’s real-world impact, and the ability to build coalitions on the bench. Having known Chief Judge Merrick Garland for over 40 years, I’m confident he possesses all these qualities and more. He will be among our nation’s finest justices.”
DATELINE SPRINGFIELD -- “Gov. Charlie Baker to Springfield Chamber: Initiatives will help Western Mass.” by Jim Kinney, Springfield Republican: “Gov. Charlie Baker answered calls Tuesday for Massachusetts' economic successes – including General Electric's decision to relocate its global headquarters to Boston – to benefit Western Massachusetts. … With respect to GE, Baker called for patience. He also said that state efforts to increase the number of development-ready industrial parks and cleaned brownfield sites can help this part of the state.”
A “SOARING GLASS TOWER” FOR EVERY T STATION -- “Back Bay T to get glass treatment,” by Donna Goodison, Boston Herald: “A Jenga-like glass tower, two other high-rises and an MBTA station revamp would dramatically transform the Back Bay Station area in Boston Properties Inc.’s planned makeover of a city-block-sized swath of air-rights parcels.”
TRANSIT MATTERS, WITH A FOCUS ON SEC. POLLACK -- “Massachusetts’ Unlikely Transit Team,” by Daniel C. Vock, Governing Magazine: “When Stephanie Pollack first met with Charlie Baker last year, she figured the new Republican governor of Massachusetts would be too conservative to consider hiring her for his administration. So instead of treating the session like a job interview, Pollack, then a transportation researcher at Northeastern University, decided to use the time to school Baker on how she thought the state’s transportation policy ought to work. … ‘The first conversation surprised both of us,’ Pollack recalls. The two had more in common than they thought. In fact, Baker knew he wanted to hire Pollack as transportation secretary by the end of that first meeting.”
MAJOR PROBLEM -- “Boston schools moved to fix lead in water — and now it’s worse,” by Matt Rocheleau, Boston Globe: “The Boston School Department has hit a snag in its efforts to restore tap water at school drinking fountains, after testing found high levels of harmful lead in the water coming from some newly installed fountains. … School officials recently launched a $300,000 project to repair and upgrade plumbing so the fountain water could be restored at six buildings. But the fountains have not been used because of the worrisome tests.”
ED REFORM -- “Vocational High Schools Make Pitch As Solution To Mass. Workforce Woes,” by Mike Deehan, WGBH News: “Left out of much of this conversation is another Baker priority: increasing support for the state's vocational schools, which combine traditional academics with workforce training. A few dozen vocational students and educators descended on the State House Tuesday to argue for their share of ever-tightening state education dollars.”
THE LOCAL ANGLE ON CHARTER SCHOOLS -- “Debate grows over charter-school funding,” by Amelia Pak-Harvey, Lowell Sun: “In Greater Lowell, suburban school districts can pay more than $2 million for students who choose a charter school. … Preliminary state numbers find that Billerica will pay $2.5 million for this year's 199 charter-school students, most of whom attend Innovation Academy. … That number is what Billerica pays even after receiving state aid, determined through a complex formula that fully reimburses a student's tuition cost for the first year. … Five years beyond that, that tuition reimbursement falls to 25 percent each year. … Billerica Superintendent Tim Piwowar said the impact is significant.”
MEANWHILE, IN NEW YORK -- “Hip-hop mogul Diddy moves into education with Harlem charter school,” by Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian
WOOD WAR -- Herald: “A NEW LOW IN OPIOID CRISIS,” “TO THE TAPE!” “Glass action,” “STEP UP TO THE PLATE.” -- Globe: “Fiscal group’s status probed,” “Key Trump aide charged with battery on reporter,” “Developer offers a vision in glass for Back Bay Station,” “JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY,” ‘Stepmother accused of assault on toddler.”
INBOX -- “Secretary Lepore Appoints Mike Heffernan as Massachusetts DOR Commissioner,” -- “Executive Office for Administration and Finance Secretary Kristen Lepore today announced the appointment of Mike Heffernan as Commissioner for the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR). Heffernan, an experienced financial services executive, will begin leading the agency responsible for the state’s tax, child support, and municipal finance laws on May 2, 2016. Kevin Brown, current General Counsel for DOR, will serve as acting Commissioner beginning on April 4, 2016.”
PETRUCCELLI SEAT CANDIDATES WEIGH IN ON RIDESHARING LEGISLATION -- Three of the seven candidates for the Petruccelli seat, Lydia Edwards, Diana Hwang, and Rep. Jay Livingstone, weighed in on one thing they would tweak in the ridesharing bill working its way through the legislature in a candidates forum moderated by yours truly. Question and responses come at 11:58 --
ALSO ON THE ROADS -- “Is Massachusetts ready for self-driving cars? Bay State becoming research hub for burgeoning industry,” by Shira Schoenberg, Springfield Republican: “While the technology behind self-driving cars is still being developed, the industry is progressing at a rapid pace — and some of the nation's biggest car companies and technology companies are pouring money into research and development, including a $1 billion research effort being led by a former professor at Olin College of Engineering in Needham.”
SAY IT AIN’T SO, MAYO -- “Mayo Clinic's New England lab to shut down, cut over 100 employees,” by Jessica Bartlett, Boston Business Journal: “The company said in a press release that it didn't see a long-term future for a facility that wasn't near a Mayo Clinic practice, and that the landlord had requested the company enter into a long-term lease. The company will transition work from Andover to Rochester over the next nine months, with the site to close entirely by Dec. 31.”
SELLING OFF WHITEY’S STUFF -- “Bulger victim: Auction will give me ‘peanuts,’” by Laurel J. Sweet, Boston Herald: “The widow of Revere nightclub owner Richard Castucci — who rubbed elbows with Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack until James “Whitey” Bulger ordered him shot in the head 40 years ago — will reap “peanuts” from a class-action settlement with the feds and little more from an auction of the mob kingpin’s worldly possessions, her lawyer claims.”
HAPPY BIRTHDAY -- to Alex Kingsbury, deputy Ideas editor at the Boston Globe at WBUR alum
THE HOME TEAM -- Did the Bruins win? No! Lost to the New Jersey Devils 2-1.
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Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance Transmits a Communicable Deceit

"....Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has established its brand. Fake news, alt-news, alternative facts, call it what you will, no one should be helping MFA pass their misinformation on to the public....."

One of the MEN connected with Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance   specializes in REDUCING WASTE...he can begin by stopping the SLANTED JUNK MAIL!

Personally, an OPT OUT OPTION is favored..similar to the DO NOT CALL LIST to avoid this TRASH. 

 MFA.Board-0023.jpgMark Cohen, Board Chairman 
Mark is CEO of OPRSystems, Inc., which he co-founded from scratch in 1989. The company is now one of the largest independent commercial recyclers  in New England, with its 76,000 sq. ft. plant in Wilmington.   He also co-founded Waste Focus LLC 14 years ago, now a leader in the waste minimization industry and managing thousands of facilities’ trash and recycling across the U.S. 
Mark has been an active member of the National Federation of Independent Business, the nation’s leading small business lobbying group (and the lead sponsor of the lawsuit to overthrow Obamacare). He served as past Treasurer of Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance. 
Originally from suburban Washington, D.C., Mark is a 1982 graduate of Cornell University and a 1986 graduate of Harvard Business School.  Mark and his wife Theresa have three children and live in Concord.

What Is Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance’s Problem?

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has been taking heat over its ‘voter education’ materials, and deservedly so.

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