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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

RSN: Andy Borowitz | Mike Pence Considering Running for President in 1820

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07 August 17 PM
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Andy Borowitz | Mike Pence Considering Running for President in 1820 
Mike Pence. (photo: Mark Peterson/Redux)
Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker
Borowitz writes: "Vice-President Mike Pence is seriously considering running for President in 1820, various sources confirmed over the weekend."
If You Can't Repeal or Replace Obamacare, Sabotage It
Amy Goldstein and Paige Winfield Cunningham, The Washington Post
Excerpt: "With that sign-up period less than three months away, the government appears to be operating on contradictory tracks, according to insurers, state insurance commissioners, health-policy experts and leaders of grass-roots groups that have worked to enroll the roughly 10 million consumers around the country who now have ACA coverage."
Chicago to Sue Feds Over Funding Threats to Sanctuary Cities
Greta Johnsen, NPR
Johnsen writes: "Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pushing back against the federal government. On Monday, the city is filing suit against the Department of Justice, which announced it would withhold millions of dollars in police grant money from so-called sanctuary cities."
Tillerson Denies He Wants to Quit, but Doesn’t Appear to Be Doing Much Leading
Margaret Hartmann, New York Magazine
Hartmann writes: "It’s hard to recall any cabinet official who’s been less enthusiastic about their position than Secretary of State Rex Tillerson."
Why Trump’s 1 Million Jobs Added Isn’t Impressive
Rebekah Entralgo, ThinkProgress
Entralgo writes: "President Trump can finally say his administration has added 1 million jobs, thanks to a jobs report released by the Department of Labor on Friday. But while Trump and his surrogates were quick to present this as a huge accomplishment, it is less than meets the eye."
Report: Illegal Settlement Activity in Occupied Palestine Triples in First Half of 2017
Excerpt: "Israeli illegal settlement activities in Occupied Palestine have skyrocketed in recent months, almost tripling in 2017 compared to the number in the same period last year, according to a newly published report from the Palestinian National Office for the Defense of Land and Resistance of Settlement."
USDA Has Begun Censoring Use of the Term 'Climate Change,' Emails Reveal
Oliver Milman, Guardian UK
Milman writes: "Staff at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) have been told to avoid using the term climate change in their work, with the officials instructed to reference 'weather extremes' instead."

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