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Friday, August 4, 2017

RSN: Andy Borowitz | White House Accuses French Woman of Spreading Pro-Immigration Propaganda

Reader Supported News
03 August 17 PM
It's Live on the HomePage Now: 
Reader Supported News

Andy Borowitz | White House Accuses French Woman of Spreading Pro-Immigration Propaganda 
Statue of Liberty. (photo: Drew Angerer/Getty) 
Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker 
Borowitz writes: "The White House on Wednesday accused an elderly French woman of spreading pro-immigration propaganda that undermined 'everything this country stands for.'" 
Behind the Sudden Death of a $1 Billion Secret CIA War in Syria 
Mark Mazzrtti, Adam Goldman and Michael S. Schmidt, The New York Times 
Excerpt: "The end came quickly for one of the costliest covert action programs in the history of the C.I.A." 
Trump to Pena Nieto: Border Wall Not So Important - Just Don't Say You Won't Pay 
Ben Jacobs and David Agren, Guardian UK 
Excerpt: "Donald Trump suggested his demand for payment for a border wall with Mexico was merely a political ploy, and told Mexico's president his refusal to pay should not be mentioned in public." 
GOP Governors Are Quietly Working With Trump to Cut Medicaid 
Nathaniel Weixel and Rachel Roubein, The Hill 
Excerpt: "Republican governors are working with the Trump administration to do something Congress couldn't accomplish: fundamentally alter their state Medicaid programs." 
Mueller's Job Would Be Protected by Bipartisan Senate Bill 
CBS News 
Excerpt: "Two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are moving to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller's job, putting forth legislation that aims to ensure the integrity of current and future independent investigations." 
The Clarence Thomas Takeover 
Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern, Slate 
Excerpt: "There's a reason Clarence Thomas writes so many solo dissents and concurrences. The second-longest-tenured justice on the Supreme Court has spent more than 25 years staking out a right-wing worldview that can generously be described as idiosyncratic." 
New Jersey-Size 'Dead Zone' Is Largest Ever in Gulf of Mexico 
National Geographic 
Excerpt: "A record-breaking, New Jersey-sized dead zone was measured by scientists in the Gulf of Mexico this week-a sign that water quality in U.S. waterways is worse than expected." 

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