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Thursday, August 10, 2017

RSN: Juan Cole | "Fire & Fury" or "Shock and Awe": It Is Always the Start of a Quagmire

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10 August 17 AM
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Juan Cole | "Fire & Fury" or "Shock and Awe": It Is Always the Start of a Quagmire 
President Trump spoke about North Korea during a briefing at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., on Tuesday. (photo: Al Drago/The New York Times) 
Juan Cole, Informed Comment 
Cole writes: "If we weren't talking about two nuclear-armed states with unhinged leaders, the war of words between the US and North Korea would be hilarious." 
Pentagon Wants No Part of Erik Prince 
Aswain Suebsaeng and Spencer Ackerman, The Daily Beast 
Excerpt: "Erik Prince made a windfall convincing the State Department, military and CIA to hire his mercenary firm, Blackwater. But this time, his plan to win Afghanistan through a new infusion of guns-for-hire has few customers." 
Why Martin Shkreli Won’t Be the Last Pharma Bro 
Josh Hoxie, Fortune 
Hoxie writes: "From making silly faces in court, to trolling female journalists online, to referring to the prosecution as 'junior varsity,' the Pharma Bro let the world know he wasn’t fazed. And why should he be? How Shkreli got rich in the first place remains not just legal but celebrated." 
Jeff Sessions' Department of Justice Just Gave States the Green Light to Purge Voter Rolls 
Mark Joseph Stern, Slate 
Slate writes: "Already, the DOJ has withdrawn its opposition to Texas' draconian voter ID law and to mandatory arbitration agreements designed to thwart class actions. Now the agency has made another about-face." 
In Apparent Act of Revenge, Suspended Fox News Host Eric Bolling Sues Reporter Who Broke Story He Sent Lewd Messages 
Kiley Kroh, ThinkProgress 
Kroh writes: "Now it appears Bolling intends to escalate the situation. On Wednesday, he slapped the reporter, Yashar Ali, with a $50 million lawsuit." 
Transgender Military Personnel Sue Trump Over Service Ban 
Daniel Trotta, Reuters 
Trotta reports: "Five transgender members of the U.S. military including Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans sued President Donald Trump on Wednesday, challenging his ban on transgender people serving in the armed forces." 
The Pacific Northwest's Fiery Week Warns of Hotter Times to Come 
Eric Holthaus, Grist 
Holthaus writes: "With excessive heat warnings and temperatures reaching the triple digits from northern California through Washington state (places where air conditioning is far from a given), it's a bit hard to fathom that this week should have been even hotter." 

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