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Sunday, August 13, 2017

RSN: Marc Ash | Nuking North Korea Is Going to Be Tricky

Reader Supported News
13 August 17 AM
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Marc Ash | Nuking North Korea Is Going to Be Tricky 
The Tumen River separates North Korea and China.  (photo: Katharina Hesse)
Marc Ash, Reader Supported News
Ash writes: “Donald Trump’s outrageously irresponsible remarks threatening unspecified military action against North Korea belie a far more complex military and geopolitical reality.”
Trump’s Speech in Poland Sounded Like an Alt-right Manifesto
Sarah Wildman, Vox
Wildman writes: “This morning in Warsaw, Poland, President Donald Trump issued a battle cry — for “family, for freedom, for country, and for God" — in a speech that often resorted to rhetorical conceits typically used by the European and American alt-right. It sounded, at times, not just like the populists of the present but the populists of the past.”
Trump Refuses to Condemn Act of "Domestic Terrorism" Committed by His Supporter in Charlottesville
David Boddiger, Splinter News
Boddinger writes: “Whether or not President Trump is a straight-up racist or simply doesn’t want to alienate his white supremacist base no longer matters. Because his response to Saturday’s domestic terrorist attack that killed at least one person and injured 19 others leaves no doubt about which side he is on.”
Sen. Warren Urges Democrats to Reject Centrist Policies and Move Leftward
Eric Bradner, CNN
Bradner writes: “In the aftermath of last year's election, the centrist old guard is out and progressives have won the battle for the soul of the Democratic Party, Elizabeth Warren declared Saturday.”
Trump Immigration Plan to Cost 4.6 Million Jobs, Study Finds
Patrick Gillespie and Tal Kopan, CNN Money
Excerpt: “In a report published Thursday, the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School said the immigration plan, dubbed the RAISE Act, would result in 4.6 million lost jobs by the year 2040. It also found that the U.S. economy would be 2% smaller than it would be under the current immigration policy during that time.”
GOP Congressman Wants to Withhold Federal Funding to Test Rape Kits From Sanctuary Cities
Esther Yu Hsi Lee, Think Progress
Lee writes: “Georgia is facing a backlog of more than 10,000 untested rape kits, but one Republican congressman from the state wants to withhold federal dollars to test these kits from so-called “sanctuary cities,” according to a video obtained by Jezebel.”
Buddy Carter.  (photo: AP)
Buddy Carter. (photo: AP)

A ‘Mini-Katrina’ Flooded Parts of New Orleans and the Media Ignored It
Excerpt: “Nearly 10 inches of rain fell in one neighborhood on Saturday during a rainstorm so severe that it would occur less than once in 100 years, assuming a stable climate.”

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