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Friday, August 11, 2017

RSN: Robin Wright | The Way Out of Trump's Ad-Lib War With North Korea

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11 August 17 AM
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Robin Wright | The Way Out of Trump's Ad-Lib War With North Korea
President Trump. (photo: Getty)
Robin Wright, The New Yorker
Wright writes: "On Wednesday, I asked Michael Hayden, a former four-star general who has served as the director of both the C.I.A. and the National Security Agency, how the crisis could be defused."
Trump Doubles Down on North Korean Threats
Scott Neuman, NPR
Neuman writes: "President Trump is doubling down on his incendiary rhetoric aimed at North Korea, saying on Thursday that his promise earlier in the week to meet Pyongyang's threats with 'fire and fury' might have been too soft."
After Obama's 2008 Win, Indiana GOP Added Early Voting in White Suburb, Cut It in Indianapolis
Mark Joseph Stern, Slate
Stern writes: "In 2008, Barack Obama squeaked out an unexpected win in Indiana thanks in part to his huge margin of victory in Marion County, which has a large population of black Democrats. The state's Republicans got to work right away, cutting early voting in Marion County, which includes the state capital of Indianapolis, while expanding it in a nearby suburban county filled with white Republican voters."
Trump DC Hotel Turns $2 Million Profit in Four Months
Jonathan O'Connell, The Washington Post
O'Connell writes: "Donald Trump's company turned a $1.97 million profit at its opulent Trump International Hotel so far in 2017, dramatically beating its expectations and giving the first hard numbers to critics who charge that Trump is profiting from his presidency."
CNN Severs Ties With Pro-Trump Pundit Jeffrey Lord Over His Use of Nazi Phrase on Twitter
Paul Farhi, The Washington Post
Farhi writes: "CNN fired prominent commentator Jeffrey Lord on Thursday after he tweeted the Nazi salutation 'Sieg Heil!' in response to a feud with a liberal activist."
Trump's Silence on Rising Hate Crimes Against Muslim Americans Is Deafening
CJ Werleman, Middle East Eye
Werleman writes: "The White House is sending a clear message: it will not condemn violence against Muslim Americans."
Idaho Farmers Lobby Trump to End Salmon Protection
Keith Ridler, Associated Press
Ridler writes: "A group that represents farmers is calling the costs of saving imperiled salmon in the largest river system in the Pacific Northwest unsustainable and is turning to the Trump administration to sidestep endangered species laws."

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