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Friday, May 15, 2009

Senator Kennedy's NIMBY Legacy

For eight years, Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), along with other wealthy Cape Cod NIMBY residents have stymied the development of an offshore wind project called Cape Wind.
Cape Wind will generate enough electricity to power 400,000 American households Mark Rodgers from Cape Wind, the firm which will build the offshore wind farm, stated that they are in negotiations with Vestas and Siemens on a gigantic contract for about six billion Danish kroner (about one billion US dollars). The 130 wind turbines will generate enough electricity to power 400,000 American households, and can deliver 75% of the electricity requirement on Cape Cod. This is big, even by American standards. cct


How Denmark reacted to Oil threat
1973: Oil Crisis: Denmark depends on foreign oil for 90% of its electricity.
To remedy, Denmark institutes rapid development of wind energy to solve their oil crisis.
1985: Denmark bans nuclear power.
1991: First offshore wind farm built in Denmark.1995: Denmark bans new coal power plants.
1997: Denmark achieves total energy independence.
2004: With 6 offshore wind farms, Denmark can generate 32% of all domestic electricity from wind.
2005: Denmark begins the doubling of its two world's largest offshore wind farms, Horns Rev and Nysted.
As the Senator writes his legacy, it should include his support for renewable energy projects particularly Cape Wind which enjoys widespread support, as cct pointed out.
For many, the Senator's legacy will include his short sighted opposition to a project that would obstruct his view.

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Chris Kaiser said...

Great post. I hate hypocrites who support NIMBY. I linked to this article in my most recent NIMBY post. Let me know what you think!