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Monday, February 27, 2017

RSN: The Time for Normalizing, Dissembling, and Explaining Away Donald Trump Has Long Since Passed

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Dan Rather | The Time for Normalizing, Dissembling, and Explaining Away Donald Trump Has Long Since Passed 
Dan Rather. (photo: USA Today)
Dan Rather, Dan Rather's Facebook Page 
Rather writes: "This is an emergency that can no longer be placed solely at the feet of President Trump, or even the Trump Administration. This is a moment of judgement for everyone who willingly remains silent. It is gut check time, for those in a position of power, and for the nation." 
Charles Pierce | It's Time to Move Forward From the Democratic Party's 2016 Mess 
Charles Pierce, Esquire 
Pierce writes: "So, who was this Bakuninte mole-in-waiting, anyway? I'm glad you asked. It was Tom Perez, then the Secretary of Labor under Barack Obama who on Saturday afternoon was elected the next chairman of the Democratic Party despite being a Wall Street toady, a tool of the money power, and a neolib plant-at least in the minds of many of the people who opposed him." 
Revealed: How US Billionaire Helped to Back Brexit 
Carole Cadwalladr, Guardian UK 
Cadwalladr writes: "The US billionaire who helped bankroll Donald Trump's campaign for the presidency played a key role in the campaign for Britain to leave the EU, the Observer has learned." 
Father of Navy Seal Killed in Yemen Calls for Investigation Into 'Stupid Mission' 
Julie K. Brown, The Miami Herald 
Brown writes: "Bill Owens cringed at the thought of having to shake the hand of the president who approved the raid in Yemen that claimed his son's life - an operation that he and others are now calling into question." 
US Considers Quitting UN Human Rights Council 
Nahal Toosi and Eliana Johnson, Politico 
Excerpt: "The Trump administration is considering pulling the United States out of the United Nations Human Rights Council, a body that has been accused of being biased against Israel and criticized for including abusive governments, according to two sources in regular contact with former and current U.S. officials." 
Hundreds of Children Detained by Canadian Immigration: Report 
Excerpt: "Based on data from the Canada Border Services Agency, the study found that at least 241 Canadian-born children were held in the immigration holding center in Toronto between 2011 and 2015. This number does not account for detention facilities in other parts of Canada, which the study did not explore." 
California Moves to Pre-empt Trump on Environment, Endangered Species 
David Siders, Politico 
Siders writes: "Needling President Donald Trump and bracing for a rollback of Obama-era environmental protections, Democrats in the nation's most populous state are launching a preemptive strike." 

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