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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

TRUMPERS: Draft Dodging Chicken Hawk Criticizes THE MILITARY?

Just keep on rewarding Big Pharma and their Bought & Paid For Congressmen!

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The Attorney General revives debunked pot-crime link.

  • "In reality, violent crime rates tend to decrease where marijuana is legalized.
    Denver saw a 2.2 percent drop in violent crime rates in the year after the first legal recreational cannabis sales in Colorado. Overall property crime dropped by 8.9 percent in the same period there, according to figures from the Drug Policy Alliance. In Washington, violent crime rates dropped by 10 percent from 2011 to 2014." - Alan Pyke

Draft Dodging Chicken Hawk criticizes the MILITARY?


Anyone who doesn't step forward and condemn this Intellectual Midget deserves to be OUT OF OFFICE!

Kevin Petersen Saying Trump was in a military school or academy. Is wrong 
That is virtually the equivalent to the Boy Scouts Totally different 
Trump being a 5 time Vietnam draft dodger, not once, but 5 times should have been reason enough for no USA citizen to vote for him 

That totally shows his character 
In his case. Lack there of

Nancy C. Wasserman At the time he was at NYMA , military schools were used to teach discipline to hard to manage boys. They were called incorrigible .

Senator Tammy Duckworth — US Senator for Illinois

Not only are the President’s remarks not truthful, they are offensive to every man and woman who has ever worn this great nation’s uniform—including thousands currently deployed and in danger.
For someone who has never served and thinks he knows more than Generals with real combat experience to say these things is disgusting. It’s yet more evidence that President Trump is not fit to be Commander-in-Chief.
If he thinks our troops are not fighting to win, he needs to tell the American people why he’s ordering them to remain in harm’s way.

Apparently Draft Dodger in Chief Trump doesn't just have contempt for POWs.
From the article:

"President Trump attended a military academy, but never served in the armed forces. He received a total of five draft deferments in the Vietnam War, including one for bone spurs in his heels, The New York Times reports. Trump has been previously criticized for being insensitive to the sacrifices made by service members and their families for the country: "You have sacrificed nothing and no one," said Khizr Khan, the father of an American soldier killed in Iraq, at the Democratic National Convention last year."

A House Democratic lawmaker attempted Monday to force a House
floor vote on…


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House Dem forces GOP to take recorded vote on Trump tax returns

The Washington Post Just Asked A MAJOR Question Of Trump’s Administration, And He’ll Be LIVID

Trump’s young administration is fraught with trouble, but we all knew that already. Most of us probably haven’t thought of just how to frame Trump’s behavior since assuming the White House, but an enterprising writer at the Washington Post just did. Eugene Robinson, an opinion writer for the Post, wrote an entire op-ed based around the following question:
“Does Trump know he’s president?”
Well, does he? One of the things that Robinson points to as evidence that he doesn’t, or, at least, doesn’t know what he’s doing at all, is the fact that we had a bunch of government executives tell Europe, tell Iraq, even tell the U.N., not to listen to what Trump says. For instance, he said we’re going to take Iraq’s oil. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told the press in Baghdad that we were absolutely not there to do that. 
U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said that we absolutely support a two-state solution after Trump said we didn’t. Mike Pence told NATO that we’re fully devoted to them, after Trump has said repeatedly that NATO is obsolete and wants to cozy up to Russia.
He said that rounding up undocumented immigrants is “a military operation,” which supposedly means a “non-military operation,” and he was just using “military” as an adjective, according to Sean Spicer.
Not mentioned in Robinson’s article is Trump’s neverending Twitter temper tantrum, though he does mention Trump’s feud with the press.  There’s also the fact that Trump loves hobnobbing with his rich buddies in Florida, to the point where he had a meeting on North Korea in plain view of his VIPs, who pay him a ton of money. He won’t divest from his businesses, which is creating massive conflicts of interest and may even be in violation of the Constitution.
He rushed out his Muslim ban and the courts promptly halted it, and we have to wonder if he even consulted with anyone knowledgeable about the law with that. The 9th Circuit just rejected the Justice Department’s request to put that case on hold pending a new order.
So when the Post has to ask if Trump even knows he’s president, we have to wonder the same thing. We also have to assume that Trump will be pissed if he hears about this op-ed because it makes him look like the buffoon he is, and he already hates the Post. Not as much as The New York Times or CNN, but he hates them enough. The answer to Robinson’s question is, “No, he doesn’t know he’s president, especially not in the same way every other president we’ve had knew they were president.”

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