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Friday, August 4, 2017

RSN: George Lakoff | The President Is the Nation: The Central Metaphor Trump Lives By

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04 August 17 AM
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Reader Supported News

George Lakoff | The President Is the Nation: The Central Metaphor Trump Lives By 
President Donald Trump. (photo: Win McNamee/Getty) 
George Lakoff, George Lakoff's Website 
Lakoff writes: "We need to reveal the existence of the metaphor." 
Special Counsel Mueller Using Grand Jury in Federal Court in Washington as Part of Russia Investigation 
Carol D. Leonnig, Sari Horwitz and Matt Zapotosky, The Washington Post 
Excerpt: "Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III began using a grand jury in federal court in Washington several weeks ago as part of his investigation of possible coordination between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign, according to two people familiar with the inquiry." 
Baltimore Drops Dozens of Cases After Videos Appear to Show Officers Planting Drugs 
Jacey Fortin, The New York Times 
Fortin writes: "Over a hundred criminal cases that would have relied on testimony from those three officers are now under review. As of Wednesday afternoon, 41 had been dropped or were set to be dropped." 
California Bosses Have Been Calling ICE to Retaliate on Employees Asking for Back Pay 
Carla Javier, Splinter News 
Javier writes: "The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency has allegedly showed up twice to California workplaces intending to arrest undocumented workers who are trying to get their employers to pay them what they're owed." 
DeVos Offers a Lifeline to For-Profit Law School That Hired Her Former Adviser 
Shahien Nasiripour, Bloomberg 
Nasiripour writes: "The feds had cut off federal student aid to Charlotte School of Law. Then it hired Betsy DeVos's confirmation 'sherpa.'" 
Benjamin Netanyahu Suspected of Bribery, Fraud and Breach of Trust, Police Say 
Ben Kentish, The Independent 
Kentish writes: "Benjamin Netanyahu is suspected of having committed bribery, fraud and breach of trust, Israeli police have confirmed." 
Court Keeps Great Lakes Wolves on Endangered Species List 
John Flesher, Associated Press 
Flesher writes: "A federal appeals court Tuesday retained federal protection for gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region, ruling that the government made crucial errors when it dropped them from the endangered species list five years ago." 

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