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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

CounterCurrents: Civilization Falls: A New Culture Emerges

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The anti-Trump camp in Washington drew first blood after forcing Trump's national security advisor Michael Flynn to resign. It has all the ingredients of a Hollywood blockbuster, with CIA, Media, the war machine all playing its part. 

Pratap Antony discusses our unquestioning acceptance of the reality of post-truth. He writes "To live in this politicised post-truth society, we should continue to fight for our perspective of the truth; for the greater common good; live with compassion, and rise above the world of post-truth culture."

William H Kotke an old timer on CC is back from the wilderness. He writes a hopeful article without losing sight of reality "Civilization Falls: A New Culture Emerges"

Also many stories from around the world on a variety of topics. 

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Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn Resigns
by Bill Van Auken

Donald Trump’s national security advisor, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, resigned late Monday following an escalating controversy in Washington over reports that he discussed anti-Russian sanctions with Moscow’s ambassador to the US in the month before President Donald Trump took office.

The Truth About Our Acceptance Of Manufactured Truth
by Pratap Antony

To live in this politicised post-truth society, we should continue to fight for our perspective of the truth; for the greater common good; live with compassion, and rise above the world of post-truth culture.

Between Message And Martyrdom: The World Press Photo Of The Year
by Dr Binoy Kampmark

Photography remains the terrain where we fight our pre-existing impressions, and perhaps hope for something better.  A murder, viciously executed in the presence of art (life being short, art being long), is as suitably outrageous as any. This is not propaganda, but life and death, in all its captivating cruelty, snapped for posterity.

Civilization Falls: A New Culture Emerges
by William H Kotke

The specter of seven billion people hurtling toward the abyss of no potable water, dwindling food supplies and immature patriarchs brandishing nuclear weapons is daunting. We do not have to board that train, we have a new world that we are creating.

Mainstream News And USA’s Heroics In Vietnam: Why The Silence About The 7 Million Dead?
by Jay Janson

In his thundering truthful news sermon Beyond Vietnam – a Time to Break Silence, given in New  York city halfway through the US genocide in French Indochina, Martin Luther King gave an accurate short history of US crimes in Vietnam from 1945 up to the time he spoke

The Urban Housing Crisis: Time To Rebuild Public Housing
by Joseph Grosso

The obvious lesson is that well managed, well-funded public housing can not only be effective in being affordable but can also provide stable, safe, well designed long-term housing. With homelessness spiraling in gentrified cities like New York, San Francisco, and DC it’s time for a reevaluation in the U.S. In New York the hundreds of empty city owned apartments are a good place to start. With Ben Carson now running the show at HUD, for the short-term at least, this is a project for cities and states. In a way this may be all the better. Many American cities with accelerating homelessness are the ones which pride themselves on their progressive politics. Perhaps it is time this was truly reapplied to housing.

‘Aurora’ Exposes Western Cultural Imperialism
by Antidiplomatico

Interview by Italian magazine Antidiplomatico with the author, Andre Vltchek

Spinning Wheel: From Gandhi To Modi
by Nijam Gara

Prime Minister NarendraModi’s picture replacing that of M K Gandhi at the charkha in an official annual calendar has kicked up a storm. Modi baiters have pounced upon this egregious ‘offence’ that the eternal propagandist has committed. It was one thing to appear on Reliance jio advertisements but to supersede the ‘father of the nation’ itself was untenable to many self-proclaimed centrists. But in some ways the evolution of Modi perhaps has its roots in the rise of Gandhi himself. This may appear to be a provocative proposition but nevertheless deserves consideration.

Constitutional Patriarchy
by Nijam Gara

The common thread that unites these stories is the manner in which these three women have been witch-hunted by modern-day plutocracy while all along in the disguise of norms and rules. 

Education: Towards Utilitarianism, Away From Egalitarianism
by Nivedita Dwivedi

This year’s budget has once again been lackluster in terms of allocations made to the Education sector. The Kothari Commission recommendation of an allocation of 6% of GDP has remained far from realization, with the allocation hovering in the range of 3-4% every year. Within the education sector also, elementary education is the most fund-deprived and neglected sector.

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