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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

RSN: Is the Country in Danger?, Did Putin Help Elect Trump to Restore $500 Billion Exxon Oil Deal Killed by Sanctions,

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Marc Ash | Is the Country in Danger? 
Fomer U.S. Army General and National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn. (photo: Carlos Barria/Reuters) 
Marc Ash, Reader Supported News 
Ash writes: "Donald Trump has spent his entire life being very, very sure that he is in total control of events around him and impervious to failure. But that's not what his CV says. A closer look at Trump's less than exemplary past includes an alarming history of train wrecks that he walks away from, but others do not." 
Did Putin Help Elect Trump to Restore $500 Billion Exxon Oil Deal Killed by Sanctions 
Joe Romm, ThinkProgress 
Romm writes: "It appears our democracy and our children have a new axis to worry about: Putin, Trump, and ExxonMobil, whose CEO Rex Tillerson - an extreme Russophile and long-time director of a US-Russian oil company - is Trump's puzzling choice for Secretary of State." 
Trump's Deputy CIA Director Could Face Court Deposition Over Post-9/11 Role in Torture 
Spencer Ackerman, Guardian UK 
Ackerman writes: "Even as the Trump administration attempts to contain an escalating crisis over its surreptitious ties to Russia, another spying crisis is threatening to haul the deputy CIA director into court to expose her role in post-9/11 torture." 
ICE Arrested Nearly 700 People Last Week, Advocates Are Bracing for More to Come 
Ryan Devereaux, The Intercept 
Devereaux writes: "For some, the operations recalled the darkest days and worst practices of immigration enforcement under past administrations. For others, it felt like a chilling preview of the years to come. For many, it was both." 
Standing Rock and the Struggle Ahead 
Julian Brave NoiseCat, Jacobin 
NoiseCat writes: "Far from Ancient History, the indigenous movement is integral to the future of the planet and a winning left." 
Mexico's Zapatistas Condemn Killings of Indigenous Leaders 
Excerpt: "The National Indigenous Council and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation condemned the assassinations of two Indigenous Raramuri activists that occurred in January." 
Diehard Coders Just Rescued NASA's Earth Science Data 
Megan Molteni, WIRED 
Molteni writes: "The group sets web crawlers on easily-copied government pages, sending their text to the Internet Archive, a digital library made up of hundreds of billions of snapshots of webpages." 

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