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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

RSN: Of Cold Wars and Energy Procurement

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Marc Ash | Of Cold Wars and Energy Procurement 
Trump Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson appears with Russian President Vladimir Putin. (photo: AP) 
Marc Ash, Reader Supported News 
Ash writes: "Key manifestations of Trump’s Goebbels-esque propaganda machine are 'alternative facts,' fake news reports, the parroting of popular political memes without any commitment to their core ideologies, and the fomentation of public disorientation through false disaster proclamations." 
'This Is the Last Stand' Call for Worldwide #NODAPL Resistance 
Excerpt: "In the wake of Tuesday's announcement that the Army Corps of engineers will ignore a required environmental impact study and grant final approval for the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Indigenous Coalition at Standing Rock issued a call for an "international day of emergency actions to disrupt business as usual and unleash a global intersectional resistance to fossil fuels and fascism." 
One Type of Terrorism Really Is Underreported - Right-Wing Terrorism 
Julie Alderman, Media Matters 
Alderman writes: "Following President Donald Trump's false claim that the press purposefully fails to report on terror attacks, his team released a list of attacks that were supposedly 'underreported.' The list supplied, however, was entirely devoid of attacks by right-wing extremists and those inspired by the 'alt-right."' 
Elizabeth Warren Was Just Silenced on the Senate Floor. Her Crime Was Quoting Coretta Scott King. 
Judd Legum, ThinkProgress 
Legum writes: "Majority Leader Mitch McConnell used a parliamentary procedure to silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren in the middle of a speech critical of Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump's pick to be the next attorney general." 
The Sanctuary Movement: Houses of Worship Shelter the Undocumented 
Dwyer Gunn, Guardian UK 
Gunn writes: "The modern-day sanctuary movement is rooted in deeply held religious values of welcoming the outsider. With Trump in power, it's taking on new relevance." 
Israel's Land Grab Law 'Allows Theft, Stalls Peace Process' 
Al Jazeera 
Excerpt: "An Israeli land grab law that retroactively legalises thousands of settlement homes in the occupied West Bank legitimises theft, violates international law and ends the prospect of a two-state solution, according to politicians, legal experts and human rights groups." 
Food Security, Forests at Risk Under Trump's USDA 
Bobby Magill, Climate Central 
Magill writes: "U.S. food security, forest health, and the ability of farmers to respond to climate change are all at risk if President's Trump's pick to lead the U.S. Department of Agriculture brings climate change skepticism to the agency, agricultural researchers and environmental law experts say." 

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