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Friday, February 17, 2017

RSN: Trump Plots to Keep Palestinians Stateless Forever

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Juan Cole | Trump Plots to Keep Palestinians Stateless Forever 
U.S. president Donald Trump (R) and Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu hold a joint news conference at the White House in Washington, U.S., February 15, 2017. (photo: Carlos Barria/Reuters) 
Juan Cole, Informed Comment 
Cole writes: "Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has pledged that the Palestinians will have no such rights as along as he is prime minister. So what is Trump going to do about this human rights travesty?" 
Trump Just Escalated His War With the Intelligence Community - Bigly 
Greg Sargent, The Washington Post 
Sargent writes: "President Trump's latest round of early morning tweets Thursday go well beyond the usual bluster about his opponents. He is now basically calling for the use of the government's investigative machinery to be turned loose on them." 
Trump to Name Ex-Labor Board Member Acosta as Labor Secretary 
Steve Holland and Amanda Becker, Reuters 
Excerpt: "President Donald Trump on Thursday nominated former National Labor Relations Board member R. Alexander Acosta to serve as U.S. secretary of labor, one day after Trump's original choice withdrew." 
Congressman Says Constituents Asking for a Town Hall Are 'Enemies' of Democracy 
Laurel Raymond, ThinkProgress 
Raymond writes: "A group of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher's (R-CA) constituents went to his office on Tuesday to deliver Valentine's cards. They go every Tuesday now, asking Rohrabacher to hold a town hall meeting in his district. But now, after a confused tussle in the hallway involving a 2-year old and a 71-year-old-woman, Rohrabacher is now accusing them of engaging in 'political thuggery, pure and simple.'" 
Leaked Emails Show Justice Clarence Thomas's Wife Pushing Travel Ban 
Betsy Woodruff, The Daily Beast 
Woodruff writes: "Justice Clarence Thomas's wife is organizing in support of President Donald Trump's agenda. And it might make her husband's life a little complicated." 
'A Day Without Immigrants' Promises a National Strike Thursday 
Bill Chappell, NPR 
Chappell writes: "In cities around America, thousands of construction companies, restaurants and other businesses are bracing for 'A Day Without Immigrants,' a combination boycott/strike that highlights the contributions of immigrants to U.S. business and culture." 
Trump Administration Sued for Suspending Protections for Endangered Bumble Bee 
Natural Resources Defense Council 
Excerpt: "The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) sued the Trump administration Tuesday for illegally suspending the rule to put the rusty patched bumble bee on the endangered species list. The rusty patched bumble bee has lost approximately 90 percent of its range in the past 20 years. It is the first bumble bee ever listed under the Endangered Species Act." 

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