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Saturday, February 11, 2017

RSN: Yellowstone National Park Sends Hundreds of America's Last Wild Buffalo to Slaughter

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Andy Borowitz | Trump Accuses Media of Not Reporting Voices He Hears in Head 
Donald Trump. (photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images) 
Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker 
Borowitz writes: "In a blistering attack on the media, President Trump said on Monday that the press has consistently refused to report the voices he hears in his head every day." 
Marcy Wheeler | Charles Cooper, Who Sanctioned Delayed Notification of Covert Ops to Congress, Reportedly to Be Solicitor General 
Marcy Wheeler, emptywheel 
Wheeler writes: "In Cooper's most public recent work, the Prop 8 case, Cooper got his ass handed to him by facts and law. If he were to argue as poorly for Trump's policies, it might help the courts keep the President's excesses under check." 
The Full Details of Trump's Botched Yemen Raid That Killed Nine Children 
Jack Moore, Newsweek 
Moore writes: "A new investigation into the special forces raid targeting Al-Qaeda militants in Yemen has found the operation went 'dreadfully wrong,' killing nine children under the age of 13, with the youngest victim a three-month-old baby." 
Trump's Muslim Travel Ban Faces Multiple Legal Challenges 
Mica Rosenberg and Doina Chiacu, Reuters 
Excerpt: "There are now cases moving through 11 of the 13 U.S. appeals court circuits. And that does not include many additional habeas petitions, or challenges to detention, filed on behalf of individual people detained at airports after the ban, the majority of which would have been dropped after people were released." 
Republicans Are Moving to Get Rid of Rules That Limit Overdraft Fees 
Matthew Zeitlin, BuzzFeed 
Zeitlin writes: "The big winner will be a prepaid debit card company that has spent generously in Washington in recent years." 
Other Countries Aim to Fill Aid Shortfall Caused by US Abortion Rule 
Camila Domonoske, NPR 
Domonoske writes: "After President Trump blocked U.S. aid money from supporting any group that provides or 'promotes' abortion in other countries, The Netherlands announced it would launch a fundraising initiative to support any affected organizations." 
Yellowstone National Park Sends Hundreds of America's Last Wild Buffalo to Slaughter 
Buffalo Field Campaign 
Excerpt: "Under continued pressure from Montana livestock interests, Yellowstone National Park is sending hundreds of America's last wild buffalo - the National Mammal of the U.S. - to slaughter." 

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