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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tweetie rants...incompetence, Puzder, Dirty Energy Koch Bros seize Iowa, you elected Putin?

Republicans have proven they are incapable of governing.


Get out there! Speak out, get active, get involved, register voters! WE can do this!

Remember this date: November 6, 2018

Get off your couch and prepare!
Alan Zimmerman
Remember this date November 6, 2018.

That's the date on which 33 senate seats, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, and 14 governorship's will be up for re-election.

Put it on your calendar now and be prepared to be an informed voter.

If you are worried, concerned, angry, disappointed about the direction the government is going this is the most effective way to make a change, stop complaining and start planning.

Remember the president is only one cog in the government machine, and you can make effective change through voting for your local and state representatives, this is the check that can balance this situation. Pass it on…. I was told to pass this on so this people is very important. Be prepared.share this as a start to all your comments.

Has he finally crossed the line?
Donald Trump’s use of Twitter may have finally gone too far. By 
deleting content from his social media account, he may have broken 
the law.

Has Trump’s Tweeting Finally Broken The Law? (VIDEO)

Sleaze Bag Puzder withdraws!  
Andrew Puzder has reportedly withdrawn from Secretary of Labor consideration.
Andy Puzder has reportedly withdrawn his nomination for consideration 
in Donald Trump’s cabinet. He was expected to be confirmed shortly 
as Labour Secretary. Mr Puzder, a fast food chain CEO, has faced allegations of domestic abuse and of mistreating his workers, several of whom testified against hi...

Check out this GEM! I just got from a friend. OUCH! Follow the money trail....
Will Koch cash help make Iowa a trifecta state?

Even though Michael Flynn is out, critics are calling for investigations into whether he violated the Logan Act, a law dating back to 1799, which prohibits unauthorized individuals from communicating with foreign governments.

The Numbers Are In: Trump Is The Most Hated Newly Inaugurated President EVER
The first measurement of President Donald Trump’s job-approval 
rating shows Americans divided over his performance in his three 
days in the Oval…

This week, I called for an independent commission to investigate this Russian cyber act of war.
We cannot leave this grave matter up to Mitch McConnell or the Republicans. That is an invitation for a slow walk and a cover-up.
Sign my petition today if you agree:
We know that Vladimir Putin actively interfered in our presidential election, but we…

Disgraceful & Spineless Republicans!
The greatest national security threat and Republicans ignore it?

While a handful of Republicans acknowledged concerns about the 
Trump team’s connections to Russia, most declined to embrace a 
wide-scale investigation.

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