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Route 44 Toyota Sold Me A Lemon

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Toyota Table of Content #3

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Insincere Commitments & Games #1


WASHINGTON, March 23 (UPI) -- Toyota warned U.S. dealerships in 2002 that Camry owners complained of throttle surges and recommended adjusting the computer, documents indicted. [sic]

A lawyer with the non-profit Center for Auto Safety in Washington said the technical service bulletin discusses electronics issues -- not mechanical issues raised in the massive recall -- and how the condition was corrected, CNN reported Tuesday.

"If you look at this document, it says electronics," attorney Clarence Ditlow said. "It says the fix is reprogrammed in the computer. It doesn't say anything about floor mats." bulletin proves the manufacturer misled the public about the causes of sudden acceleration.

From: Toyota allowed people to die

Deep Pocketed Clients, Cash Cows and Insanity

Regulators Hired by Toyota Helped Halt Acceleration Probes

Regulators Hired by Toyota Helped Halt Acceleration Probes

In that lawsuit, the family of Guadalupe Alberto, 76, says she died when her 2005 Toyota Camry sped out of control and crashed into a tree. The lawsuit blames a defect in the electronic throttle control, said attorney Edgar Heiskell, who represents the Alberto family.

“She blew past an intersection, witnesses saw her with both hands on the wheel,” Heiskell said. “She appeared to be standing on the brake while steering.”

This is the comment posted on dealerrater [about Route 44 Toyota]:

Half of the positive remarks on here are from employees trying to boost their egos.
Toyota KILLED 89 People that we know of.....
Toyota Complaints

2013 Toyota Yaris Complaints

2013 Toyota Venza Complaints

2013 Toyota Tundra Complaints

2013 Toyota RAV4 Complaints

Making a mockery of the legal system.......the endless nightmare

Making a mockery of the legal system.......the endless nightmare 

Toyota Recall 2012 Yaris

Toyota Recall 2012 Yaris 

#1 Let's not forget what this is about....
ANTI-SLAPP: Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation and Why It's Important

What Every Attorney Seeks......

I have a friend......
Rip Off Report


Toyota @ Pissed Consumer

Toyota avoids recall and falsifies safety record for Sequoia defect

Rip Off Report

The Corrupt System of Credit Reporting

Toyota: The Utimate Hybrid

"A customer that has a good experience will typically tell 3 to 5 people, but a customer who has a poor experience will tell more than 20. When this is trend occurs via the web, these numbers can rapidly multiply and could spell disaster for brands that don’t have strategies in place to combat online negative chatter."
Dilly, Dally, Delay & Stall Some More
'Transmission' Complaint
Route 44 Toyota: LOST to a LEMON!
Route 44 Toyota: Where Arrogance and Disregard of the Law Prevails

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You'd think no one ever saw a LEMON!
Toyota Table of Contents #2

Toyota Table of Contents


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