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Since the Dilly, Dally, Delay & Stall Law Firms are adding their billable hours, the Toyota U.S.A. and Route 44 Toyota posts have been separated here:

Route 44 Toyota Sold Me A Lemon

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Toyota Table of Contents

Below is a 'Table of Contents' providing some of the available information about Toyota's Failures that have injured or killed innocent victims.

Toyota KNEW!

This is not Driver Error or Floor Mats!

As additional articles are discovered, we'll try to keep this up-to-date.

WASHINGTON, March 23 (UPI) -- Toyota warned U.S. dealerships in 2002 that Camry owners complained of throttle surges and recommended adjusting the computer, documents indicted. [sic]

A lawyer with the non-profit Center for Auto Safety in Washington said the technical service bulletin discusses electronics issues -- not mechanical issues raised in the massive recall -- and how the condition was corrected, CNN reported Tuesday.

"If you look at this document, it says electronics," attorney Clarence Ditlow said. "It says the fix is reprogrammed in the computer. It doesn't say anything about floor mats." bulletin proves the manufacturer misled the public about the causes of sudden acceleration.

From: Toyota allowed people to die

Toyota: .....put the blame where it belongs....
Toyota's Death Toll
Toyota ignored killing people

Toyota Settlement
Toyota Prius Crash
Runaway Toyotas?
Toyota: Driver Error? Don't believe it!

"No Computer Error Message"
Toyota Denial Problems Continue
Toyota's Failures Kill
Toyota: Blame Someone Else for Deaths
Toyota: Trust Me????
Toyota accused of 'pattern of' coverups
Toyota allowed people to die

More Prius C Problems
Toyota: ...biggest and most deadly corporate cover up of all times...
Route 44 Toyota....the Love Story #3 The Horrifying Truth
Route 44 Toyota....the Love Story #2 The Celebration

Toyota's Brake Recall


There is no indication that they studied the software from any of the vehicles that crashed.

There's more to this!

Toyota: Poppycock!

2011 NHTSA Toyota Prius Complaints

2012 NHTSA Toyota Complaints

Ahh...Computer Geeks!

Route 44 Toyota named in RipOff Report

Thank you, Arlene Reiss for complaining about Toyota's safety flaws!

Thank you, Jason Resinstedler, for highlighting Toyota's poor design!

Route 44 Toyota....the Love Story #1

Toyota Sucks Site

Another Route 44 Toyota Failure

2010 NHTSA Toyota Prius Complaints & SUA

Prius Sudden Unitended Acceleration Ignored

Toyota Prius C: Buyer Beware!

"No Computer Error Message"

The Russian Roulette of Toyota


Toyota: Don't Believe It!


Another Toyota Recall

Toyota Pretense

CAUTION: Route 44 Toyota

What about my brakes?

Toyota: So...I have this friend.....
Route 44 Toyota: The Love Story Continues
Route 44 Toyota: The Love Story
Route 44 Toyota: Illegal Business Practice
CFPB and Credit Reports
Toyota and the Tea Baggers: Did you ever notice......

Your child.....? SPLAT! What if.......?

Toyota and the Tea Baggers: Did you ever notice......

Let's Go Place Just Don't Count On Stopping!

A Massachusetts woman....

The Cost of Not Regulating

Defective Vehicles Jeopardize Your Family's Safety...

Defective Vehicles Jeopardizing Safety

Route 44 Toyota Threatens SLAPP Suit!

Route 44 Toyota: In Response....

Route 44 Toyota: RipOff Report

  • Toyota PTC [Pre-Trial Conference]

  • Dilly, Dally Dan

  • ATTENTION: Disgruntled Toyota & Route 44 Toyota Cu...

  • Thank you, Route 44 Toyota!

  • SLAPP and the First Amendment
    Amazingly kind!

  • Toyota Recall Testimony

  • Toyota Owner: "A Near Death Experience"

  • Betsy Spills Toyota’s Beans

  • Is Toyota Telling the Truth About Sudden Accelerat...

  • Toyota Recalls
    Toyota Recalls
    Victims' Family's Plea to Toyota
    Toyota Safety Recall

    Toyota Prius Complaints
    Dilly, Dally Dan Nervous About Freedom of Speech
    Toyota: Flim Flam and Pretense
    Route 44 Toyota and FCRA [Fair Credit Reporting Act]
    The Arrogance of Route 44 Toyota


  • Has Toyota really corrected the problem?

  • Documents Contradict Toyota

  • Hertz, Raynham, MA
  • Attorney Daniel Viera and the U.S. Constitution
  • Route 44 Toyota: Arrogance Means Never Having to S...

    Nightmares of Toyota
    Route 44 Toyota: Can't tell it by me!
    Route 44 Toyota: A Haunting Response
    Toyota: Put it in writing!
    Toyota settles wrongful death lawsuit
    Toyota Whistleblower

    Toyota: Shirking their responsibility...

    Toyota: What is this doing to our insurance rates?...
    Toyota Prius: What is this doing to our insurance ...
    Toyota 2012 RAV4
    Toyota Corolla failures
    Toyota Complaints
    Route 44 Toyota Threatens SLAPP - Ask me!
    Ask Me About Toyota!

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