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Route 44 Toyota Sold Me A Lemon

Monday, April 1, 2013


A friend asked how to find places to complain.

Below is a starting list that will continue to grow.....



Car Problem Resources

Better Business Bureau [Lists Route 44 Toyota as DMR Corp.]




Raynham Yellow Pages

And of course, Angie's List.

Massachusetts Attorney General 
While the Attorney General can't get involved in all cases, if there is a trend of illegal business practices, such as Route 44 Toyota requesting credit information without authorization, the AG will eventually take action against that company.

CFPB - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Our newest consumer protection agency, CFPB records complaints and forwards those not within their jurisdiction.

Businesses such as Route 44 Toyota that access your credit information without authorization need to be penalized and held accountable. By filing a complaint, you allow CFPB to record the level problem and take action.  

Center for Auto Safety  - For a car problem, don't forget to research it on this site and post your complaint.

The original post was remiss in not including the NHTSA web site.
If you have a vehicle complaint, please report it.

Many Toyota owners have filed complaints about headlights and Toyota has shown no indication that they have addressed the problem.

Not having headlights is a safety issue and should have been corrected.

You might think it's trivial, but the problem won't be corrected unless you file a 'complaint.'

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