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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Required Reading: Women’s March Posters


Required Reading: Women’s March Posters

The largest protests in US history took place yesterday, and people’s sign creativity was on full display.

Yesterday, over three million (and some say over four million) people joined the Women’s Marches across the United States and the world. They are believed to be the biggest protests in US history.
An NYU psychology professor Jay Van Bavel collected the protest numbers in a Google doc, and his estimate is a total 3,667,305 people on the low side and 4,577,523 on the high side. That would suggest over 1% of the US population (maybe even 1.5%) marched yesterday, including:
  • DC — 500,000–1,000,000
  • LA — 500,000–750,000
  • NYC — 400,00–500,000
  • Chicago — 250,000
  • Denver — 200,000
  • Boston — 175,000
  • Seattle — 120,000–175,000
  • SF — 100,000–150,000
  • St. Paul/Minneapolis — 90,000–100,000
  • Madison, WI — 75,000–100,000
Here are some of the most creative and playful signs we spotted in person and on social media. I should mention that the New York protest had more handmade signs than I’ve ever seen in any protest.

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