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Friday, July 28, 2017

Foxconn SCAM in Wisconsin $230,700 per worker, Dirty Energy Koch Brothers' State

You b'in SCAMMED!

The Taiwanese technology giant has agreed to build a factory that 
would stretch 20 million square feet, the size of 11 football fields, and Gov. Scott Walker has offered financial rewards to seal the deal.


Foxconn, the Taiwanese technology giant that supplies gadgets to Apple, Google and Amazon, has agreed to build a factory in Wisconsin. Trump and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker are crowing about the deal.
But one overlooked fact: Wisconsin is offering Foxconn $3 billion in state tax breaks.
Foxconn has so far committed to creating 3,000 jobs at the plant by 2020, with an average yearly wage of $53,000. Which means Wisconsin is paying $1 million per job. Not a great deal.
Foxconn says the number of jobs has the “potential to grow” to 13,000. That seems doubtful but even assuming the number does grow to 13,000 jobs, Wisconsin will be paying about $230,700 for each. Still not a terrific deal.
What do you think?

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