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Saturday, July 29, 2017

RSN: Frank Rich | Everything Trump Does Must Be Viewed Through This Single Lens

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29 July 17 AM
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Frank Rich | Everything Trump Does Must Be Viewed Through This Single Lens
Donald Trump and Steve Bannon in the Oval Office. (photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Frank Rich, New York Magazine
Rich writes: "The priorities of Donald Trump have winnowed down to a single agenda item: saving himself and his family from legal culpability for their campaign interactions with the Russians and their efforts to cover up those transactions ever since."
Trump Ousts Reince Priebus, Names John Kelly as New Chief of Staff
Philip Rucker, Abby Phillip, Robert Costa and Ashley Parker, The Washington Post
Excerpt: "President Trump ousted White House chief of staff Reince Priebus and replaced him with Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly on Friday, a major shake-up designed to bring order and military precision to a West Wing beset for six straight months by chaos, infighting and few tangible accomplishments."
McCain and Warren Statements on the Defeat of the "Skinny Repeal"
John McCain and Elizabeth Warren, Reader Supported News
Excerpt: "The millions of people who were going to lose their health care coverage under the Republicans' 'skinny repeal' bill can keep their coverage - and sleep a little better."
Body Count Comeback: Corporate Media Routinely Repeat Pentagon Kill Estimates That Defy Reality
Reed Richardson, FAIR
Richardson writes: "One of the hoariest methods of modern war propaganda remains the official body count. Government or military officials decisively touting large numbers of enemies killed has long been a surefire way to get credulous or friendly press coverage."
Trans Military Ban: Why Doubling Down on the Culture Wars Won't Save Trump
Ed Burmila, Rolling Stone
Burmila writes: "With the administration quickly taking on the feel of a bad circus, earlier this week President Trump signaled his intent to turn to an old strategy intended to solidify support among the Republican base. He is following the formula correctly, but it is unlikely to work this time."
Mexican Reporter's Asylum Bid Rejected by US Despite Death Threats
Excerpt: "A journalist who escaped from alleged persecution by the Mexican army has been denied his asylum bid by a Texas immigration court, more than nine years after he left Mexico."
100 Cancer-Causing Contaminants Found in US Drinking Water
Robert Coleman, EcoWatch
Coleman writes: "The Environmental Working Group's (EWG) just-released Tap Water Database shows that a startling number of cancer-causing chemicals contaminate the nation's drinking water. Of 250 different contaminants detected in tests by local utilities, 93 are linked to an increased risk of developing cancer."

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