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Thursday, July 27, 2017

RSN: Charles Pierce | So Do We Know Where the Secretary of State Is?

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26 July 17 PM
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Charles Pierce | So Do We Know Where the Secretary of State Is?
Sec. of State, Rex Tillerson. (photo: Getty)
Charles Pierce, Esquire
Pierce writes: "The hell? The Secretary of State is 'taking a little time off,' and we don't know where, and the State Department spokesperson doesn't know if it counts as a vacation, but we should all ask the AP reporter if we want to know if the Secretary of State is on holiday on the company dime?"
Trump Just Kicked Transgender Troops out of the Military. This One Ugly Quote Says It All.
Greg Sargent, The Washington Post
Sargent writes: "President Trump announced this morning that he will be banning transgender troops from serving in the military, and all indications are that this may also end up kicking out thousands of them who are already serving."
Betsy DeVos: Trump's Illiberal Ally Seen as Most Dangerous Education Chief Ever
David Smith, Guardian UK
Smith writes: "While the Trumps steal the limelight and consume attention on issues from Russia to healthcare, it is DeVos, America's 11th education secretary, who is viewed by many in the sector as its most dangerous and destructive since the post was created by Jimmy Carter in 1979."
New Abortion Restrictions Head to Missouri Governor's Office
Bill Chappell, NPR News
Chappell writes: "Missouri already has some of the strictest abortion laws in the country. Now it's looking to place new requirements on the procedure, including having doctors meet with women seeking abortions before formal consent can be given and requiring the health department to hold unannounced annual inspections of abortion clinics."
Ohio Plans to Restart Executions With Drugs Known to Torture
Mike Brickner, ACLU
Brickner writes: "Ohio is expected to use the very same drug in the execution of Ronald Phillips, a decision that has led to protests from pharmacologists. In a friend of the court brief, the doctors wrote that midazolam is 'unsuitable' for execution 'because it is incapable of inducing unconsciousness and cannot prevent the infliction of severe pain.'"
Honduran Police Fire Tear Gas, Water Cannon at Student Protest
Excerpt: "Honduran police have violently cracked down on a student protest in the capital Tegucigalpa, using tear gas and water cannons laced with chemicals to disperse the protesters."
Find Out What's in Your Tap Water
Environmental Working Group
Excerpt: "Starting Wednesday, the vast majority of Americans can learn about every potentially harmful chemical in their drinking water and what scientists say are the safe levels of those contaminants. The Environmental Working Group's (EWG) new national Tap Water Database is the most complete source available on the quality of U.S. drinking water, aggregating and analyzing data from almost 50,000 public water systems in all 50 states and the District of Columbia."

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