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Thursday, July 27, 2017

RSN: Matt Taibbi | New Documents Show Government Misled Public on Fannie/Freddie Takeover

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27 July 17 AM
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Matt Taibbi | New Documents Show Government Misled Public on Fannie/Freddie Takeover 
A For Sale sign in front of a house. (photo: Bloomberg News) 
Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone 
Taibbi writes: "In August 2012, a few months before Barack Obama told Mitt Romney the Eighties had called and wanted their foreign policy back, the U.S. government made a momentous and little-discussed decision." 
The Skinny on the GOP's Last Resort on Health Care: 'Skinny Repeal' 
Tessa Stuart, Rolling Stone 
Stuart writes: "Senate Republicans voted by a razor-thin margin on Tuesday to open debate on legislation that would at last fulfill the party's seven-year promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. Where that debate will end, though, is still anyone's guess." 
Federal Judge Upholds Fine Against Kris Kobach for 'Pattern' of 'Misleading the Court' in Voter-ID Cases 
Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post 
Ingraham writes: "A federal judge has upheld a $1,000 fine against the vice chair of President Trump's Election Integrity Commission, citing a 'pattern'" of 'misleading the Court' in voter-ID cases. The ruling represents another blow to the credibility of a commission plagued by lawsuits and controversy in its first months of existence." 
Feds Crack Trump Protesters' Phones to Charge Them With Felony Rioting 
Laura Weill, The Daily Beast 
Weill writes: "Officials seized Trump protesters' cell phones, cracked their passwords, and are now attempting to use the contents to convict them of conspiracy to riot at the presidential inauguration." 
US Sheriffs Collaborate With Anti-Immigrant Hate Groups to Shocking Extent: Report 
Excerpt: "County sheriffs in the U.S. are increasingly being recruited to the organized anti-immigrant movement and fringe nationalist groups in a bid to implement a dangerous agenda that breaks up families, deports people to their deaths and punishes survivors of domestic violence." 
Trump Targets Legal Effort to Protect LGBT Workers From Bias 
Erik Larson, Bloomberg 
Larson writes: "U.S. President Donald Trump's administration came out against an effort by civil rights groups to ban workplace discrimination against gays and lesbians nationwide, putting him at odds with some of the country's most valuable companies." 
Santa Barbara Becomes First California City to Pass Resolution Against Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling 
Center for Biological Diversity 
Excerpt: "The Santa Barbara City Council approved a resolution Tuesday opposing new drilling off the California coast and fracking in existing offshore oil and gas wells. The resolution is the first in a new statewide campaign to rally local governments against proposals to expand offshore fossil fuel extraction in federal waters." 

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