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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

RSN: Michael Moore | I Warned You Trump Would Win

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24 July 17 PM
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Michael Moore | I Warned You Trump Would Win 
Filmmaker Michael Moore. (photo: Sara Krulwich/NYT) 
Michael Moore, Michael Moore's Facebook Page 
Moore writes: "One year ago today I wrote this open letter trying to warn my fellow Americans that Trump was going to win the election that was less than four months away." 
Jared Kushner Sealed Real Estate Deal With Oligarch's Firm Cited in Money-Laundering Case 
Wendy Dent, Ed Pilkington and Shaun Walker, Guardian UK 
Excerpt: "Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of Donald Trump, who acts as his senior White House adviser, secured a multimillion-dollar Manhattan real estate deal with a Soviet-born oligarch whose company was cited in a major New York money laundering case now being investigated by members of Congress." 
A Bold Sista: Move Over, Bernie Bros Nina Turner Is the New Head of Sanders' Our Revolution 
Jason Johnson, The Root 
Excerpt: "Too many people think the power resides in elected officials. No! They serve us. The power resides in the grass roots." 
Donald Trump Doesn't Want to Fire Jeff Sessions. He Wants Sessions to Quit. 
Chris Cillizza, CNN 
Cillizza writes: "Trump wants Sessions gone. But he doesn't want to swing the proverbial sword. He wants to make Sessions' life so uncomfortable that Sessions throws up his hands and walks away." 
College Was Once Free and for the Public Good - What Happened? 
Thomas Adam, Yes! Magazine 
Adam writes: "Students didn't have to worry about tuition and debt until higher education became more about personal gain than contributing to society." 
Ferguson in Paris: A Historical March Against Police Violence 
Marion Deschamps, teleSUR 
Deschamps writes: "Over 2,000 people peacefully took to the streets Saturday to demand justice for Adama Traore, a Black man killed in a police station in the suburbs of Paris one year ago on his 24th birthday." 
Humans Have Created 9 Billion Tons of Plastic in the Last 67 Years 
Tim Radford, EcoWatch 
Radford writes: "Altogether, since about 1950, with the birth of a new industry, more than 8.3 billion tonnes (or 9.1 tons) of synthetic organic polymers have been generated, distributed and discarded. Of that total, 6.3 billion tonnes are classified as waste." 

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