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Friday, July 28, 2017 :The veteran(s) who saved health care


Late last night, Senator John McCain strolled up to the dais in the United States Senate, held his hand in the air for what seemed like an eternity, extend his thumb, and pointed it toward the ground.

At that moment, and against all odds, the effort to take health care away from millions of people, was stopped by a veteran.

But he wasn't the only veteran who made a difference in this fight. Veterans from Maine, Alaska, and every state with a Democrat in the U.S. Senate made their voices heard and were decisive in this effort.

At VoteVets, we were happy to play a role in connecting some with legislative offices, shooting videos, and running ads on the issue. We saved lives together. 
What an amazing victory.

But we still have three and a half years left of Trump's first term and we're ready to take him one every step of the way. But we can't do it alone.

Last night we proved what was possible when people stand together and relentlessly make their voices heard against this paper tiger of a president and his dangerous agenda. Let's. Keep. Going.

All my best,
Will Fischer 
Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Relations 


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