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Route 44 Toyota Sold Me A Lemon

Monday, May 20, 2013

Toyota: Ya Gotta Be Kidding Me! Let's Go Places? With NO BRAKES?

Thanks to all the folks who have asked questions, taken handouts, offered their own pathetic experiences with the Route 44 Toyota dealership and shared with others.

Folks never met are coming to me and telling me their friends and relatives gave them a handout or shared my experience.

You folks are awesome!

We protect each other from unscrupulous businesses that do such things as illegally requesting credit reports by sharing. [As posted elsewhere, unauthorized credit access is a violation of FCRA - Fair Credit Reporting Act - a federal law.]

How ridiculous is Toyota's recent ad campaign?

'Let's Go Places.....Don't Count on Stopping'

'Let's Go Places....You May Not Be Able To Stop Your Vehicle'

'Let's Go Places....and If You Have A Magical Toyota, Equipped With Sudden Acceleration Technology, You'll Arrive At Unprecedented Speed...or in a hearse' Mark Saylor's family --

Toyota settled the Saylor Family Deaths for $10 MILLION with a GAG Order because Toyota doesn't want you to know the facts about Sudden Unintended Acceleration.

Toyota ignored the SUDDEN UNINTENDED ACCELERATION problems, killed 89 innocent victims that we are aware of, until the Saylor Family was wiped out.

The dealership got the GAG Order lifted because Toyota was blaming the dealership.

More creative folks will surely invent more about "Let's Go Places......"

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