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Thursday, July 6, 2017

CounterCurrents: Beginning a new Cartoon Series "India Now!"

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The world is sitting on a tinder box. The Korean peninsula and the Middle East can explode and escalate into a wider war. Dr Arshad M Khan and Dilip Hiro explore these highly tensed regions with nuanced analysis and possible solutions. 

While India is fast becoming a "Lynchistan'' it would be interesting to know the opinion of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, on cow slaughter. We are republishing an excerpt from Gandhi’s prayer discourse of July 25, 1947.

We are starting a cartoon series called "India Now!" by well know cartoonist K.P. Sasi. The first one is here.

Let me remind you that our fund raising is going on and that too at a slow place. Please lend a helping hand to keep CC survive

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The North Korean Dilemma – Part I: War And Peace
by Dr Arshad M Khan 

The North Koreans sent us a gift on July 4th. In the morning, — their time, it was still July 3rd evening here — they launched a missile. It reached a height of 1741 miles (2802 Km) which was 400 miles higher than the earlier May 14 launch. Calling it the Hwasong-14, they have claimed it has a range of 10,000 km and can reach anywhere in the world — a range greater than 5,500 km is an ICBM. This is now their 11th missile launch this year and their expertise cannot be denied. It is quite likely that they already have a warhead to fit since rational thinking suggests concurrent development.

The Saudi-American-Iranian-Russian-Qatari-Syrian Conundrum 
by Dilip Hiro 

The impulsive Donald Trump has met his younger counterpart, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, equally impulsive and blind to even the medium-term consequences of his aggressive initiatives.  In addition, in an autocratic monarchy without free speech, elections, or representative government (and with an abominable record on human rights violations), he lacks all checks and balances.  The shared obsession of the prince and the president with Iran, which neither of them is able to comprehend in its complexity, has the potential for creating a true global crisis. If anything, the pressure on Trump in his imagined new world order is only increasing to do the Saudis one better and push a regime-change agenda in a big way when it comes to Iran.  It’s a formula for disaster on a breathtaking scale.

Moral Injury of War; The Invisible Wound of Empire
by Nozomi Hayase 

Moral injury is a ritual of war, a process of initiating a young man into a warrior. The invasion begins inside the hearts and minds of combatants. War kindles the fire of human spirit – faith, honor and loyalty, only to ensnare mortals into a vacuous moral desert, saturated with lust for dominion and conquest.

Why Israel Has A Law That Gives Police The Power To Block Certain Websites From Israelis
by Rima Najjar 

The new Israeli law giving police power to block websites that purportedly publish “criminal” or “offensive” content follows a similar blockade of various websites in Palestine by the 13-year president of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas – all in the name of “law and order”, “peace” and “fighting terrorism”.

‘The World Is (Not) Flat’: ‘Trumpism’ Is Symptom of Decades-Long Imperial Arrogance
by Dr Ramzy Baroud 

No matter how hard White House officials try, they cannot construct a coherent ‘Trump doctrine’ that would make sense amid the chaos that has afflicted US foreign policy in recent months. However, this chaos is not entirely the making of President Donald Trump alone.

When Will Co-opted Figures And Board Members Of Companies Like Monsanto And Bayer Be Hauled Into Court?
by Colin Todhunter 

The public is being poisoned, disease rates are spiralling, waterways are contaminated, soil is being degraded, insects, birds, invertebrates and plant diversity are in dramatic decline. Humanity and the planet are being poisoned for profit.

Women And Wages: A Capitalist Reality In The Industries of Entertainment And Sports
by Omar Raad Chowdhury 

Known worldwide as the champion of human rights and gender equality, the United States of America, it seems, has failed miserably to live up to its own standards when it comes to the issue of gender pay gap. A report by PayScale Inc., published on July 5, 2017 said that for equal work women in the U.S are paid less than men in all industries.

Ominous Arrests Point At Imminent Rule Of The Outlaw In Uttar Pradesh
by Samar 

The arrests of 31 Dalit activists in Lucknow, state capital of Uttar Pradesh, is an ominous marker of the things to come.

Promoting Superstition: Everything Official About It !
by Subhash Gatade 

Bhupendra Singh Chudasama, Education minister of Gujarat and his colleague AtmaramParamar, who handles the Social Justice Ministry, were in the news sometime back- albeit for wrong reasons. A video went viral which showed them participating in a felicitation ceremony of exorcists in Botad. They were also seen watching how a  couple of the exorcists were beating themselves with metal chains to live music near the stage.

Rejoice, Ye, Supreme Court Judges On Your Pyrrhic Victory; India’s Justice System Got Screwed Up In Karnan’s Case
by Dr P S Sahni 

Let us beware that the judicial tyranny and dictatorship are as bad as any oppressive regime.

India Now!
by K P Sasi 

A cartoon

Coporate Society And Its Perils

In this blistering, nuanced, and timely critique of work culture and society, Romi Mahajan argues in his new book ” Coporate Society And Its Perils” that young people can (and must) forge a career path based on freedom, creativity, and citizenship. Mahajan argues that the pressure from almost all quarters for young people to succumb to the blandishments and enticements of corporate culture is destructive to soul and, further, that possibilities exist to avoid the trap.

by Santosh Dass 

A review of the play ‘Untouchable’ by Peter Oswald 

Patients Before Profit: Public vs Private , The Debate In Karnataka
by Cynthia Stephen 

Affordable health care is now becoming increasingly inaccessible to the poor and lower middle classes in India, given the drive to privatization in all parts of the social sector

Lynch Production Factory @ New India
by T Navin

The DNA of New India is being redesigned. Genetic Engineering for a new India is being undertaken. This new India legitimises the usage of mob violence by Lynchers. The new India creates an environment where lynchers are assured that they have unprecedented freedom to undertake their actions. They will never be punished for their actions, even if they are criticised for public posturing purposes.

Gandhiji Said, No Law Can Be Made To Ban Cow-Slaughter

In India no law can be made to ban cow-slaughter. I do not doubt that Hindus are forbidden the slaughter of cows. I have been long pledged to serve the cow but how can my religion also be the religion of the rest of the Indians? It will mean coercion against those Indians who are not Hindus.

“Permanent Solution” For Kashmir Problem!
by Mohammad Ashraf 

The Union Home Minister has declared that there will soon be a “Permanent Solution” for the Kashmir problem. The declaration appears more scary than comforting!

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