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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

CounterCurrents: The Next Financial Crisis Is Not Far Away

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The Next Financial Crisis Is Not Far Away
by Gail Tverberg 

Most people remember the Great Recession in the 2007-2009 period, when world per capita growth in energy consumption briefly became negative. Recent data suggests that we are almost in the same adverse situation now, in terms of growth in world per capita energy consumption, as we were then

Effective Climate Mitigation – Or Just Pretend? An open letter to Pam Goldsmith-Jones, MP
by Bill Henderson 

Effective climate mitigation is possible if we overcome denial. Imagine if our health system treated cancer like we are treating climate. Your government promised leadership on climate and effective – not pretend – mitigation. Climate change is an emergency requiring treatment presently not allowed but possible if your government gets out of denial. There is an effective cure for global warming with our high quality lifestyles continuing after successful treatment. As our MP Ms. Goldsmith-Jones, please help us to get to effective treatment and protect all our futures.

Exploiting Hate in the World’s Largest Democracies: Violence for Gain
by Dr Arshad M Khan 

So it was that the meeting this week with Prime Minister Modi of India became a meeting of like minds for Mr. Modi’s party, the Bharataya Janata Party (BJP), has profited greatly from demonizing the other. While not much happened during the brief visit, other than the signing of previously agreed arms contracts, the peripatetic Mr. Modi got his photo-ops for the audience back home before flying off to the Netherlands next day.

India – US Relations
by Masood Ali Mir 

The two countries wants to have each other’s assistance in those areas, where  both had been unsuccessful .    It will be interesting to see the future of this relationship in the real sense of international politics, where there are no permanent friends and foes and beyond the myths of media hype.

Be Judgmental Just Be Careful Who You Judge
by Romi Mahajan 

Live by this or tear it down. But don’t simply be tolerant. And if a person lives by it, then act in the service of the type of humanity that can only exist and flower if we reject more and accept less.

For A Reduction of Violence on the U.S. Domestic Front
by Valleria Ruselli 

For a reduction of violence on the U.S. domestic front educators on all levels will have to do what I suggest here, or attempt to implement or embrace some significant variation of it.

16 Adivasis Die of Malaria in Chaparai, East Godavari

The Human Rights Forum (HRF) views with extreme concern the serious health crisis in the Agency area of East Godavari district. In what is reflective of the precarious situation, 16 adivasis from a single village – Chaparai of Boddagandi panchayat in Y Ramavarammandal, located in the jurisdiction of the Rampachodavaram ITDA of the district – died over a period of three weeks (from the last week of May to June 22). All 16 belong to the Konda Reddy tribe classified as Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group (PVTG).Chaparai is an exclusively Konda Reddy village with a little over 300 residents.

GST Row: A Critical Analysis Of Baig Formula
by Abdul Majid Zargar 

GST row is refusing to die down. The civil society and every other segment of society has refused to accept it in the present form. Their concern is genuine. The law, if applied in its present form will be a lethal    assault, ever mounted  on the fiscal and political autonomy of our state.

Can India’s High GDP Growth Rate Paradigm Lead To True Welfare Of Our Communities?
by Shankar Sharma 

In an article in The Hindu of 14.5.2016, C. Rangarajan, former Governor, Reserve Bank of India had said: “The “potential” to grow at 8 to 9 per cent at least for a decade exists. We have to make it happen.”    The successive governments in the country have been focusing on such a high GDP growth rate, as the road map to eliminate poverty in the country.  After decades of such focus on high GDP growth rate, it has become essential to take a stock of the experience for the society as a whole. The question should be whether such a high growth year after year is desirable or whether it is in the true interest of our communities.

Jallikattu: The Pith and Science Behind Legalities
by Vignesh Karthik KR 

The absence of an alternative conservation mechanism and the number-oriented breeding techniques followed by our government further the need for the continuance of the sport under a well-regulated environment. The idea of ethical treatment of animals is a key constituent of a progressive society. Parties concerned should engage themselves in a debate to arrive at a common ground in terms of the extent to which the idea of ethical treatment is viable in today’s world.

Assumption: A Non-Veg Verse
by Sanju Clement

My hunger is more red and blue.
More holiness craving passion.
More core to me than your imposing
Dark-kindness and darker-laws.

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