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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

***MUST READ!***RSN: George Lakoff | Two Questions About Trump and Republicans That Stump Progressives

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04 July 17 AM
It's Live on the HomePage Now: 
Reader Supported News

George Lakoff | Two Questions About Trump and Republicans That Stump Progressives 
President Donald Trump is joined by Vice President Mike Pence and senior staff in the Oval Office. (photo: Andrew Harnik/AP) 
George Lakoff, George Lakoff's Blog 
Lakoff writes: "Why don't Trump supporters turn against Trump even though he is doing things that hurt them? (like taking away their healthcare)." 
A 165-Year-Old Reminder of the Promise of July 4 
Editorial Board, The Washington Post 
Excerpt: "The year was 1852, and the Fourth of July speaker was Frederick Douglass. The subject then, with civil war just over the horizon, was one of leadership and character, particularly devotion to a cause greater than oneself." 
Parsing Hype From Reality in North Korea's ICBM Claim 
Foster Klug, Associated Press 
Klug writes: "If North Korea's claim Tuesday of its first ICBM test-launch is true, it has barreled over a red line that the world has long called a tripwire for potential nuclear disaster. As always with North Korea, however, it's hard to tell how wide the gulf is between reality and rhetoric." 
The 25th Amendment Is a Fantasy. Rick Perry Is Not the One You've Been Waiting For. 
Judd Legum, ThinkProgress 
Legum writes: "Trump's unhinged tweet on Sunday morning - a video of Trump beating up a man with a CNN logo superimposed over his face - spurred calls to remove Trump by invoking the 25th amendment." 
How the Psychology of Cyberbullying Explains Trump's Tweets 
Sarah Holder, Politico 
Holder writes: "From his language to his frequency to his particularly callous targeting of women, Trump's behavior bares many of the hallmarks of cyberbullying, according to lawyers, psychologists and others who study the subject." 
African Migrants Hit by New Discriminatory Tax in Israel to Encourage Departure 
Miriam Berger, Reuters 
Berger writes: "Michael's life has faced another challenge with new tax rules that force his employer to put part of his salary in a fund which he can access only if he leaves Israel." 
Court Rejects Trump's Delay of EPA Drilling Pollution Rule 
Timothy Cama, The Hill 
Cama writes: "The Trump administration cannot delay an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule limiting methane pollution from oil and natural gas drilling, a federal court ruled Monday." 

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