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Thursday, July 13, 2017

RSN: Frank Rich | Watching the Downfall of a Presidency in Real Time

Sad for my country and what poorly educated Americans have supported and allowed.

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13 July 17 AM
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Frank Rich | Watching the Downfall of a Presidency in Real Time 
Donald Trump Jr. (photo: Alex Wong)
Frank Rich, New York Magazine
Rich writes: "There will be no single smoking gun that will bring down this White House. It will be death by firing squad - or perhaps a sequence of firing squads - as the whole story inexorably pours out of the administration's smoldering ruins."
Russian Officials Overheard Discussing Trump Associates Before Campaign Began
Shane Harris, The Wall Street Journal
Harris writes: "Investigators are re-examining conversations detected by U.S. intelligence agencies in spring 2015 that captured Russian government officials discussing associates of Donald Trump."
Insurers Rip Ted Cruz's Trumpcare Amendment
Bruce Japsen, Forbes
Japsen writes: "The nation's largest health insurance companies blasted a health reform proposal by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas to exempt health policies from consumer protections and allow for the sale of cheaper policies with skimpier benefits."
If FCC Gets Its Way, We'll Lose a Lot More Than Net Neutrality
Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica
Brodkin writes: "The Republican-led Federal Communications Commission is preparing to overturn the two-year-old decision that invoked the FCC's Title II authority in order to impose net neutrality rules."
Lawsuit Claims US Has Threatened and Misled Immigrants Seeking Asylum
Amanda Holpuch, Guardian UK
Holpuch writes: "US border officials have systemically blocked asylum seekers from accessing the asylum process, in violation of US and international law, according to a lawsuit filed by immigration advocates on Wednesday."
Sole Gaza Power Station Turned Off Due to Fuel Crisis
Al Jazeera
Excerpt: "The Gaza Strip's only operating power plant was turned off late on Wednesday due to a severe shortage of fuel, leaving the coastal enclave in a complete blackout, local officials said."
How the Biotech Industry Cultivates Positive Media - and Discourages Criticism
Paul D. Thacker, The Progressive
Excerpt: "I've uncovered questionable activity in government groups, nonprofits, and private companies. But I don't think I have ever seen a group so intent on trying to personally attack the journalist covering the issue."

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