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Friday, July 7, 2017

RSN: Matt Taibbi | North Korea Isn't the Only Rogue Nuclear State

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07 July 17 AM
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Reader Supported News

Matt Taibbi | North Korea Isn't the Only Rogue Nuclear State
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un reacts during the test-fire of intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-14 in this undated photo. (photo: KCNA)
Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone
Taibbi writes: "The United States itself, along with other nuclear club countries (particularly Russia), has been in continuing violation of the original nuclear non-proliferation treaty, as drafted in 1968."
10,000 Protesters Participate in "Welcome to Hell" March Outside G20 Summit
Philip Oltermann, Guardian UK
Oltermann writes: "German police used water cannon and pepper spray to disperse anti-capitalist protesters after clashes with police broke out in Hamburg just as world leaders - including Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan - started to arrive in Germany's second city for the G20 summit."
A Judge Said These Kids Get a Green Card. ICE Says They Get Deported
Bernice Yeung, Reveal
Yeung writes: "For the first time, U.S. immigration officials are seeking to deport children who have received a special status for vulnerable migrants and are in the final stages of getting their green cards."
Officers Involved in the Laquan McDonald Case Were Indicted This Week. The Larger Fight for Police Reform That Will Protect Communities Remains.
Jeffery Robinson, ACLU
Robinson writes: "I hope the indictments in Chicago result in a lesson very different from the recent lessons out of Minnesota and Oklahoma."
A Wisconsin Republican Looks Back With Regret at Voter ID and Redistricting Fights
Topher Sanders, ProPublica
Sanders writes: "Republican efforts to impose voter ID laws and redraw election districts both wound up in federal court. Dale Schultz ended 30 years in state politics lamenting the recent displays of partisanship."
Trump Is Quietly Expanding All of Obama's Wars
Abigail Tracy, Vanity Fair
Tracy writes: "The Trump administration is considering sending more troops into the war in Afghanistan, which Trump previously called 'a complete waste.'"
France Will Ban Fossil Fuel-Powered Vehicles by 2040
E.A. Crunden, ThinkProgress
Crunden writes: "France plans to fully end the sale of fossil fuel-powered vehicles by 2040 in an effort to become a carbon-neutral nation, Energy Minister Nicolas Hulot announced Thursday in Paris."

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