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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Senator Maggie Hassan [D-NH]: HEALTH CARE

Please support those who support ALL Americans!

Maggie for NH

Last year, we put everything we had into getting Maggie Hassan elected to the Senate because we knew that she'd fight for people like us and families like ours, not corporate special interests.
Senator Hassan is following through. Affordable health care and Medicaid are on the line, and she's making it a top priority to ensure that hard-working families can continue to access the care they need to get and stay healthy.
In it, Granite Stater Ashley Hurteau tells her story about her heroin addiction and how because of Medicaid expansion she's now in recovery.
You'll also read why the fight to protect health care is a personal one for Senator Hassan, and why she's working so hard to make sure that all of us have access to the same support that her family has had.
Thanks for taking the time, and have a fun and safe Fourth of July.
— All of us on Team Maggie
P.S. — Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump are likely to bring this bill to a vote in the next few weeks. Senator Hassan and her Democratic colleagues in the Senate are fighting day and night to keep it from passing, but they need your support. If you're able, donate $3 or more now to help protect access to affordable health care.

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