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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Trump Defines American Ignorance to the World!

A senior Trump administration official confirms that Ivanka Trump had stepped in for her father, but dismisses any suggestion it was improper or unusual.

Unqualified, un-elected, unsuited and entitled little princess Ivanka sits next to major world leaders in her father's place at the G20 table.
In an unusual move, the first daughter sits with world leaders 
while Donald Trump steps away.

"Only 13 percent of Americans correctly identified that more than 90 percent of all climate scientists have concluded that human-caused global warming is happening. (It’s actually at least 97 percent of climate scientists that agree human-caused global warming is happening.)"

Because of her vast experience and strong geopolitical negotiation skills?
Having accompanied Ivanka to the meeting, POTUS left before 
returning to later take his place among world leaders. A source 
told BuzzFeed News: "Incredible!!!"

Just a few weeks ago, Ivanka said in an interview on Fox that she tries "to stay out of politics."
On Saturday, a Russian official tweeted out a photo, that has since been 
deleted, of first daughter Ivanka Trump sitting...


Kathy Chapman Figures. 

Guess after seeing his boyfriend, he's all worn out from being on his knees 

for 2 1/2 hours! See how much the German 

people don't want either of them in their country! I don't blame them.

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