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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

RSN: Frida Berrigan | Resistance Is Fertile

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19 July 17 AM
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Frida Berrigan | Resistance Is Fertile 
Woman works in a vegetable garden. (photo: iStock)
Frida Berrigan, TomDispatch
Berrigan writes: "Certainly, 2017 is already offering up a bumper crop of dystopian possibilities and we've only reached July. But let me admit one thing: the grim national mood and the dark clouds crowding our skies have actually nudged me in a remarkably positive direction."
GOP Plan C, Simply Repeal Obamacare, Is Dead on Arrival
Thomas Kaplan, The New York Times
Kaplan writes: "The seven-year Republican quest to undo the Affordable Care Act appeared to reach a dead end on Tuesday in the Senate, leaving President Trump vowing to let President Barack Obama's signature domestic achievement collapse."
Trump Had Undisclosed Hour-Long Meeting With Putin at G-20 Summit
Karen DeYoung and Philip Rucker, The Washington Post
Excerpt: "After his much-publicized two-and-a-quarter-hour meeting early this month with Russian President Vladi­mir Putin at the Group of 20 summit in Germany, President Trump chatted informally with the Russian leader for up to an additional hour later the same day."
GOP Seeks to Close Federal Election Agency
Erica Orden, The Wall Street Journal
Oreden writes: "House Republicans are seeking to defund the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, the sole federal agency that exclusively works to ensure the voting process is secure, as part of proposed federal budget cuts."
Four Texas Counties Are Trying to Create a Profit Motive for Arresting Undocumented Immigrants
Sean Collins Walsh, Austin American-Statesman
Walsh writes: "It was a hefty price tag for the county of fewer than 70,000 people north of Houston, and officials pledged to search for new revenue streams to help pay for the jail. This year, they found one: The Walker County sheriff's office is getting into the immigration business."
Time for Progressives to Take a Stand on Venezuela
Gregory Wilpert, teleSUR
Excerpt: "Venezuela is heading towards an increasingly dangerous situation, in which open civil war could become a real possibility."
Thousands of Miles of Pipelines Enrage Landowners, Threaten the Future of Our Planet
Kristen Lombardi and Jamie Smith Hopkins, The Center for Public Integrity
Excerpt: "They landed, one after another, in 2015: plans for nearly a dozen interstate pipelines to move natural gas beneath rivers, mountains and people's yards. Like spokes on a wheel, they'd spread from Appalachia to markets in every direction."

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