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Monday, May 29, 2017

Air Head Ivanka Trump Tweets Horrific Memorial Day Message & Literally Regretted It In 3 Seconds





Yes, you uninformed twit!
Let's have champagne popsicles!

Does anyone in the family have any brains?

Raised by an uncouth, uneducated, classless, disgusting predator, it's no wonder she has such little grasp of reality.
What the heck was she thinking?!

Someone please, make a petition to keep the Trump’s away from 
twitter. Time and time again they tweet meaningless things that 
the American people really do not…


Someone please, make a petition to keep the Trump’s away from twitter. Time and time again they tweet meaningless things that the American people really do not care about in any way. This time the culprit in question for “useless tweets” is Ivanka Trump via her Ivanka Trump HQ twitter.

In her first tweet, it is suggested that making popsicles out of champagne for Memorial Day would be a fabulous idea for the memorial weekend. No mention of helping veterans, volunteering, or giving thanks. Twitter saw through her extreme privilege and didn’t even hesitate to rip her a new one, as they usually do when anything Trump arises on their timelines.
@IvankaTrumpHQ Your dad wants to cut $193 BILLION from the Child Nutrition Program. 40% of American Children are in poverty. "Let them drink champagne?"
@IvankaTrumpHQ Today is a day to remember the men and women who died to protect the freedoms your father is trying to take from us. Respectfully fuck off.
@IvankaTrumpHQ How to make Champagne Popsicles:
1) add $5,000 bottle of Champagne
2) add the tears of refugee children
3) place in frozen soul of the 
This wasn’t the only tweet that Ivanka HQ tweeted in regards to Memorial Day. Another tweet asked followers what they had planned for a fun Memorial Day, and of course, that sent twitter into another frenzy.
Here are some of the best replies to Ivanka’s list of “fun ideas” to try on Memorial Day.
@IvankaTrumpHQ I'm planning on honoring those who lost their lives to defend our democracy, not make champagne popsicles.
@IvankaTrumpHQ Right, let's remember all those soldiers who died just to mark the kickoff of summer for spoilt people like you and your family...

It seems that the Trump’s no longer even care that their privilege is coming through full force. It is clear based on the responses on twitter that many people think that the Trump’s should spend a little less time partying and playing around on twitter this Memorial Day and do a little more of what the day is actually intended for, honoring those soldiers who fought for the American people.

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