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Thursday, May 25, 2017

CounterCurrents: Past And Future: Evaluating Three Years Of Modi Raj

Dear Friend,

Narendra Modi government in India is completing three years of its rule tomorrow. It’s time to take stock of the government and the governance. Countercurrents is starting a series evaluating the performance of the government on various fronts. Sheshu Babu starts of the series with the article "Past And Future: Evaluating Three Years Of Modi Raj". All are welcome to express your views on the performance of the government. The articles can be submitted to with the SUBMISSION in the subject line. 

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In Solidarity

Binu Mathew

Humans Have Done Too Much Killing, Try Peace Now Before It’s Too Late!
by Buzz Davis

We approach Memorial Day honoring the ultimate sacrifices made by 1.4 million American military men and women who died in America’s wars since 1775.    We must discuss the horrific impact of war on surviving soldiers and civilians.  For only they can teach us working for peace is a better option than fighting wars.

Instability Widens In Mali And The Sahel Region of Africa
by Rene Wadlow  

The first foreign visit of the new French President Emmanuel Macron, after a now habitual trip to Berlin, was to Gao in northern Mali as head of the French military. The visit was an attempt to be seen as paying attention to the efforts of French troops in operations in northern Mali and other states of the Sahel region of Africa.

Fear As An Obstacle To Peace: Why Are Israelis Afraid?
by Dr Ramzy Baroud 

Bat-Hen Epstein Elias’s long article on Iranian Jews is interesting. Parts of it, in fact, are heartwarming. Yet, despite the lack of any serious evidence, the story is entirely framed in the language of fear.

Past And Future: Evaluating Three Years Of Modi Raj
by Sheshu Babu 

Narendra Modi government is completing three years of its rule tomorrow. It’s time to take stock of the government and the governance.

From Afghanistan To My #Mother!, And The Child In Everyone
by Dr Hakim 

Along with Zarghuna, Qasim and Barat, I want to wish you ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and to tell the whole world that I love you! We wish to connect with people from all 34 Afghan Provinces and all 201 countries of the world, so as to to build another world for you. #Enough! to War!

The May-Trump Guide To War And Terror
by Sequoyah De Souza Vigneswaren 

People, don’t reward the lies with your vote. And don’t let the ruling class cynically use the lives of the victims as political capital. We owe that much to the slain of war and terrorism.

Kashmir: Idea, Not leaders!
by Mohammad Ashraf 

Kashmir’s new revolution is following an idea and not any particular leaders!

PUDR Condemns Award To Major Gogoi
by Peoples Union for Democratic Rights

PUDR strongly condemns the commendation conferred on Major Leetul Gogoi by none less than the Army Chief for taking Farooq Dar hostage, tying Dar to the front of his jeep allegedly to ward off attacking stone-pelters, and then driving around for several hours to warn people that a similar fate awaited them. The incident where Dar was used as a human shield occurred in Budgam district in Kashmir on 9th April 2017. The award has brought to pass what the Punjab CM, Capt. Amarinder Singh had vociferously advocated on 20th May.

Countering The Fake News Industry
by T Navin 

While fake news industry has existed in some form or other in the past too, the rise of BJP into power has coincided with the disproportionate growth of fake news industry. What makes it alarming is these fake news sites are closely connected to BJP IT cell

Why Is Saharanpur Burning?
by Vidya Bhushan Rawat 

Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh is on the boil for over one months as the Thakurs who are also known as Kshatriyas or Rajputs have been engaged in violent attacks on the Dalits in which several people have been killed, several other injured and houses burnt in village Shabbirpur

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