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Sunday, May 28, 2017

While Storms Continue To Rage They Quietly Craft Death, It's All About the Money


Russia, the cover-ups. Everything.


From columnist Charles Pierce: "All of it, simple American greed magnified by a culture of celebrity and, through a fluke presidential election, dropped like a dead squirrel in a chimney into the world's greatest democracy—and, as a result, stinking up the entire joint."

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The Christian Left

While Storms Continue To Rage They Quietly Craft Death
While storms rage around Trump for the second week, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are quietly working behind the scenes to craft their “healthcare” plan and their tax “reform” plan. They need the “healthcare” plan first so they can steal money from the sick to give it to the rich as tax cuts. The destruction of Medicaid alone will be devastating to tens of millions. State high-risk pools have never worked and they never will. Their bill doesn’t even fund them. They would bankrupt states almost immediately. Some people who need certain medications to survive will simply die. Furthermore, people over 50 aren’t going to be able to afford health insurance. The sick, the poor and people 50 to 65 years old are going under the bus. Many will die.
Their tax “reform” plan isn’t reform at all. It’s an historically large, debt-financed tax giveaway to the rich. In the end it will be paid for by more cuts to those who have the least. We can’t allow either one of these policies to become law.
Since Donald Trump assumed office Republicans have continuously targeted groups who lack the resources to fight back. It's easy for conservatives and right-wing “Christians” to sideline, marginalize, scapegoat and demonize the vulnerable (poor, gay, sick, hungry, homeless, disabled, immigrant, in need of health insurance, etc.) because the vulnerable don't have paid lobbies, legal representation, political representation, or spokespeople. They can't defend and position themselves like the super rich.
Nothing like picking on the little guys, or as Jesus would put it, “the least of these.” Meanwhile it's the super rich who drain the economy dry, move their money to offshore tax havens and laugh all the way to the country club. Conservatives have Americans angry at the wrong people. It's a travesty of justice purchased with lies and brainwashing via the media they own. Follow the money folks, you'll figure out who's causing all the problems for Americans and it isn't the people you've been led to believe.
God makes it abundantly clear through the OT Prophets, through Jesus and through many New Testament writers like James (brother of Jesus) that we are to defend the weak and the oppressed. We are to speak up for those with no voice. We are to care for the poor, the sick, the homeless, the hungry, the oppressed, the incarcerated, and basically anyone who lacks fundamental necessities or rights. These are not instructions intended only for individuals. God gets very upset with nations, city-states and kings who ignore these requirements throughout the OT.
As a country we are about to throw all of the people God demanded we protect under the bus. The programs these people rely on to survive are about to be handed to Wall Street or gutted and decimated. All of this will be thanks to Republican party policy. We're about to hand rich oppressors big rewards and tell the least of these they are on their own. If anything ever brings the wrath of God down on our nation it will be this. We’ve been warned by history so many times, and yet we always seem to re-build the golden calf.
Paul Ryan has stated on the record that the model for his socioeconomic viewpoint is Ayn Rand’s writings. Ayn Rand’s philosophy can be succinctly summarized as “The Law of the Jungle.” Most modern Republican politicians share Ryan’s outlook. “The law of the Jungle” is an expression that means “every man for himself,” “anything goes,” “survival of the strongest,” “survival of the fittest,” “kill or be killed,” “dog eat dog” and “eat or be eaten.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines the Law of the Jungle as “the code of survival in jungle life, now usually with reference to the superiority of brute force or self-interest in the struggle for survival.”
We’ve said it before. You would think Christians would be lining up to oppose Trump and the republicans. They’re not. They support him. We are one of a small handful of Christian organizations left who haven’t been brainwashed. Most Christians accept that right-wing ideology and Christianity go hand in hand. The truth is they couldn’t be more opposite in nature.
We’re fighting for the survival of the faith in the US and sometimes we feel like we’re in a losing battle. It is now more important than ever for this ministry and this community to survive and thrive. One thing we’re sure of, we can’t sit on the sidelines for this one. Let’s make the coming years a time when this community of 336,000 Christians steps out, steps up and takes action. The world needs to hear from America’s other Christians.
If you want to see this effort continue and thrive, if you see value in our work and you’re personally blessed by it, do what you can to support it today. We make this request on week-ends only. We depend on you for our ongoing financial survival. For those who simply don’t have the means for even a small donation, we understand. For those who do here’s how:…/we-need-your-involvem…

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