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Monday, May 29, 2017

Trump budget: Wealthy Welfare...the rest? cruel & heartless

9.4Kshares President Trump’s tax plans, which includes repealing 
the Estate Tax would be a major windfall for the Trump children. 
They could get a tax benefit of up to…

President Trump’s tax plans, which includes repealing the Estate Tax would be a major windfall for the Trump children.  They could get a tax benefit of up to $4 billion!  This while at least 24 million American citizens face losing their basic health insurance coverage.
Since Trump’s tax plan, as one might expect, heavily biased toward the wealthy, it stands to reason that it would benefit the family of Donald Trump.  Bernie Sanders says...“At a time when Trump wants to make major cuts in education, health care, senior programs, nutrition and affordable housing, it is especially outrageous that he would propose the elimination of the Estate Tax and provide a $353 billion dollar tax giveaway to the wealthiest 0.2 percent – including a tax break of up to $4 billion to the Trump family.”
Putting Trump’s plan into proper perspective, you must consider that Trump is proposing that his ‘richy’ rich family benefits billions of dollars while necessary funding is zeroed out  for Meals On Wheels, nutritional help for children, low cost housing programs, and health care.  This will affect at least 24 million Americans that depend on these programs.
Of all of the benefits in Trump’s tax plan, 51% are going to the top one percent of earners.  One can easily see that the middle class or the poor will not do well with this plan.  The Trump plan can safely be called a tax cut by the rich and for the rich.
Since millions of working citizens are facing the horror of possibly losing their healthcare insurance, President Trump is planning on providing his children with a $4 billion tax cut.

This is what how Trump ‘makes America great again’…NOT!

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