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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Congressman Jim McGovern [D-MA]: The antidote to big money in politics

Our democracy is not for sale – and it’s time our elections reflect that. 
When the Supreme Court delivered its terrible ruling on Citizens United, it opened the floodgates to special interest money influencing our politics. 
I was recently endorsed by End Citizens United (ECU) because I believe it’s up to us to fix our campaign finance system and fight back for our democracy. Chip in right now to fuel our movement to overturn Citizens United!
Too many politicians spend more time with big donors than they do with their own constituents – and that’s got to change. With large Super PAC contributions shielded from public scrutiny, billionaires and multinational corporations are spending millions covertly propping up candidates throughout the country. That’s far from the even playing field our elections need to live up to our democratic values.
We can fight back against secret money by building a movement powered by the People, not wealthy special interests. By building campaigns on grassroots enthusiasm rather than big corporate donations, we can lead the way to a system where everyone’s voice is heard. In Congress, I’m working hard to make it happen.
Your donations are the antidote to big money in politics:Make a donation right now and join me in standing up for our democracy!
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