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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

CounterCurrents: India At A Crossroads

Dear Friend,

On the day the new restrictions on cattle trade, which is an unofficial 'beef ban' I wrote that it is going to be a greater social engineering than 'demonetisation'.  People's resentment at the new order has taken unexpected turn and South Indians have started a campaign for 'Dravida Nadu' which comprises of the Dravidian language speaking states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra and Telegana. The ruler's in India should be aware that they can't make rules that deprives people of their right to choose food and denying their livelihoods. They also have to understand that India is actually an multicultural and multi linguistic. All these diversities are held together by a thin  thread of  mutual trust, which can break at any moment. The Hindutva fanatics ruling India is doing exactly the same. Only time can tell, which way India will go. 

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In Solidarity

Binu Mathew

The Merkley-Sanders Climate Bill Isn’t a Launchpad. It’s Quicksand
by Stan Cox 

With the Trump administration poised to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, a climate bill cosponsored by U.S. Senators Jeff Merkley and Bernie Sanders and known as the “100 by ’50 Act” is sure to be back in the news. In April, Sanders called the bill, S.987, an important step in the fight against greenhouse warming. The leading climate advocacy group sees it as a Washington record-breaker, “the most ambitious piece of climate legislation Congress has ever seen.” Well, maybe it does actually clear that decidedly low bar. But it is also far too little, too late to prevent climate catastrophe.

Trump, Israel And Saudi Arabia: Targeting Iran
by Dr Chandra Muzaffar 

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s visit to West Asia, is there even a faint glimmer of hope for peace in the most conflict-ridden region of the world? Or, has his visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel from the 20th to the 23rd of May 2017 only strained the region’s undercurrents of friction and tension?  Some reflections on areas of conflict in West Asia may throw a bit of light.

Human Rights Defender Thirumurugan Gandhi Arrested

Human Rights defender Thirumurugan Gandhi has been arrested under the notorious Goonda Act by the Tamil Nadu police, for being part of the Candle Light Vigil that was held in Marina Beach on 21st May, in remembrance of the Genocidal War against Tamils in Sri Lanka which killed at least 150,000 Tamil civilians. There was a police action against the protest march on 21st. Thirumurugan Gandhi and many others were taken into custody. Today they were charged under Goonda Act and arrested.

With All Chips Down, Modi Tries Selling A Swadeshi Nuclear Dream To India
by Anuj Wankhede 

The recent announcement that India will build 10 new Nuclear reactors took observers by surprise. In technical terms, India will set up ten new pressurized heavy water reactors (PHWRs) which are indigenous. Purely from a scientific point of view, this is utter nonsense because of India’s complete lack of experience with this type of reactor. But this article is not about PHWR technology. It is about why this announcement was made and more importantly why now.

Two Sides Of The Palestinian Coin: Hunger Strike/Gaza
by Richard Falk 

The Palestinian hunger strike protesting Israeli prison conditions was suspended on May 27th after 40 days, at a time when many of the 1000 or so strikers were experiencing serious deteriorations of health, most were by then hospitalized, and the holy period of Ramadan about to commence creating continuity between the daytime fasting of the faithful and the prior desperate protest of the strikers. What was perhaps most notable about this extraordinary gesture of a mass prolonged hunger strike was that it was treated as hardly worthy of notice by the world media or even by the United Nations, which ironically is regularly attacked by diplomats and the media in the West for being overly preoccupied with Israeli wrongdoing.

Barging Through NATO: Donald Trump In Europe
by Dr Binoy Kampmark 

From his big white bird did the President descend upon his dreading European hosts, looking much like natives waiting to be slaughtered or ravished.  As Donald Trump pushed his way through NATO members (the Montenegrin prime minister, for one, felt his forceful shove), representatives shot glances of discomfort and bemusement. In a refreshing blast of brutishness, the Ugly American, made flesh in the incarnation of Trump, was explaining, even hectoring Washington’s allies.

Take Torture Off Agenda
by Kristin Christman

According to President Donald Trump, people who are tortured deserve it. Trump’s initial draft executive order in January revealed his passion for reopening U.S. black site prisons, loading Guantanamo with prisoners, and rewriting the Army Field Manual to redefine allowable interrogation techniques.

At The Mercy Of Rain Gods
by Moin Qazi  

India also needs to revive its traditional water harvesting practices.    The idea behind watershed development is simple: If people cut fewer trees, increase plant cover on the land, and build a well-planned series of dams and earthen terraces to divert and slow the downhill flow of rainwater, the soil has more time to absorb moisture. The terracing and new vegetation also control erosion, which keeps nutrient-rich topsoil from washing or blowing away, and this in turn boosts the productivity of agricultural land.

Beef Poem
by Chandramohan S 

My harvest of poems
will be winnowed.
if done deftly,
the lighter shallow poems
blow away in the wind
while the heavier, meatier poems,
fall back onto the tray,
to become the fire in my belly
like beef.

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