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Sunday, May 28, 2017

CounterCurrents: Palestinian Hunger Strike Ends, Prisoners Declare Victory

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Palestinian Hunger Strike Ends, Prisoners Declare Victory
by Ali Abunimah 

After 40 days without food, hundreds of Palestinian prisoners have suspended their hunger strike in Israeli jails. The end of the strike came after 20 hours of intense negotiations between the strike’s leaders, including imprisoned Fatah figure Marwan Barghouti, and the Israel Prison Service, according to a statement issued Saturday morning by the prisoners solidarity committee.

Getting Sensible And Realistic About Maladaptive Behaviors
by Sally Dugman 

First off, the human population is already over 7.5 billion people and rapidly rising so as to likely become 11-15.8 billion by century’s end, according to UN population assessments. Yet should we use more land for crops and animal factory farms to subsume the additional number of humans? Shouldn’t we leave the rest to support other species, which are right now in the beginning of the sixth great extinction, an event that minimally means 70% to 75% of all types of life killed off on our planet?

The President Has Taken Your Wives; Now You Must Eat Your God
by Ritchie Savage 

From healthcare (reduction), to budget (removal), to foreign policy (bombs), President Trump is so thoroughly committed to sacrificing so many of us citizens of the world for our own good (or more likely, the coffers of him and his “friends”), I truly believe that he should make the ultimate sacrifice of himself to us at the end of his term(s). Hence, I hereby propose that we amend the Constitution to cannibalize the President of the United States in a sacrificial ceremony at the end of their presidency.

Every GI Who Invaded Vietnam, Iraq, etc. Was A Criminal By International Law & US Army’s Own Law  
by Jay Janson 

Memorial Day will someday mean a double mourning, a mourning for the violent deaths suffered by of millions of American military and a much more agonizing mourning for the deaths, maiming, destruction and suffering these Americans in uniform brought to millions of innocent men, women and children by committing crimes against humanity in their own beloved countries for the lies of their government and media.

The Renewal Of The British Left
by Milos Kovic 

Should we expect changes from the Left? Bernie Sanders called his astonished followers to vote for the candidate of the military-industrial complex, Hillary Clinton. In the UK elections that will take place on June 9th, the Labour party will however, as the most powerful opposition party, be led by Jeremy Corbin

And The Minds of Children Closed
by Richard Oxman

Schools are still shills for our collective addiction to belief in technological fixes as a decent approach to addressing climate change issues. That’s one reason to home school, among many. But my informal survey of home schooling parents nationwide has revealed that virtually no one is teaching youth that only a no-growth vision of economics can possibly give us a shot at planetary survival. And so it goes, the three-way marriage between education, technology and the proverbial bottom line. Bottom of the barrel is more like it.

by Godfrey D'Lima  

a gruesome truth we dare not speak
of violence with its bloody taunt
such terror stories seldom haunt
in lands where casteist pyres reek

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