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Saturday, May 27, 2017

RSN: Andy Borowitz | Republican Health-Care Plan Lacks Coverage for Injuries Resulting From Body Slamming

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Andy Borowitz | Republican Health-Care Plan Lacks Coverage for Injuries Resulting From Body Slamming 
Newly elected congressman Greg Gianforte. (photo: Getty) 
Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker 
Borowitz writes: "The health-care bill passed by House Republicans earlier this month offers no coverage for injuries suffered as a result of body slamming, according to a report issued on Thursday." 
Top Trump Adviser Says POTUS Is "Looking at" Lifting Russian Sanctions 
Laurel Raymond, ThinkProgress 
Raymond writes: "Trump has floated the possibility of lifting the sanctions before." 
Trump Administration's Infrastructure Plan Involves Privatizing America's Assets and Selling Them to Goldman Sachs 
Josh Keefe and David Sirota, International Business Times 
Excerpt: "President Donald Trump's administration this week touted an infrastructure plan that would sell off public assets to private financial firms. Left unsaid in the White House promotional materials was any mention that the Trump aide who is overseeing the initiative comes from a Wall Street firm that says it is seeking to buy up the very same kind of assets the Trump administration plans to sell off." 
For-Profit Jail Is Accused of Ignoring Man's Pleas for Medical Help Before Death 
CBS News 
Excerpt: "The family of an Arkansas man is suing the jail he died in, claiming he was denied adequate medical care." 
Why Bernie Sanders Is Pushing for More Employee-Owners in the Workforce 
Jessica Bonanno, YES! Magazine 
Bonanno writes: "The best-kept business model secret of our age is about to get the spotlight it has long deserved. It's employee ownership - a proven, common-sense pathway to reduce inequality, anchor jobs at home, and rebuild a strong and stable economy, using a vehicle that's as American as apple pie: making entrepreneurs out of regular, working folks." 
The US Lost Track of $1 Billion Worth of Weapons Sent to Iraq 
Michele Gorman, Newsweek 
Gorman writes: "The U.S. Army failed to properly monitor more than $1 billion worth of arms transfers in Iraq and Kuwait, according to a declassified government audit obtained by Amnesty International released Wednesday." 
Trump: Let's Drill for Oil in America's Last Pristine Wilderness to Balance the Budget 
Andy Rowell, Oil Change International 
Rowell writes: "As the rest of the world embraces renewables, President Trump is belligerently ignoring the global trends and trying to promote fossil fuels." 

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