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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The World is LAUGHING at Trump's IGNORANCE

The most telling demonstration of the depths of Trump's ignorance 
was the reactions…

Watch our allies laugh and whisper as Trump reveals he still has no idea how NATO works


During his address to NATO, Donald Trump repeated his completely false line that the other member countries need to start paying America for protection. The reactions from the audience said it all.
Donald Trump has always had a problem understanding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the military alliance between North American and European states.
And despite backing off his absurd claim the agreement is “obsolete,” he still seems unable to grasp the basics of how it works.
Which is likely why fellow NATO leaders approached his coming address at the summit in Brussels with apprehension.
When Trump took the stand to address the group, he lived up to those low expectations with a speech that proved he still doesn’t understand anything about the alliance....

VIEW IN ITS ENTIRETY....DRUMPF'S ignorance is appalling.....

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