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Friday, May 26, 2017

Birds Restrained, Fed Crude Oil, and Wounded at Yale!


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Birds Lured, Trapped, and Tormented at Tufts and Yale for Stress-Inducing Experiments

Terrified songbirds captured from their own homes were put into cloth bags to stress them out. Some were rolled around on carts so that they couldn't perch. Some were fed crude oil, and others' legs were wounded without any pain relief—and the results of all this won't even apply to humans or birds.
Ringling Victory

We Never Gave Up: PETA's Triumph Over Ringling Bros.

Since our very beginning, PETA has been Ringling Bros. circus's most vocal opponent. The circus officially shut down after its last performance on May 21.You've helped make this milestone possible. Share the huge victory for animals and take action to help animals in other circuses.
Save Our Skins

DOUBLE Your Impact for Animals

PETA's "Save Our Skins" Matching-Gift Challenge has officially begun. Don't miss this chance to help twice as much.
Sled Dogs

Coca-Cola, Stop Supporting This Cruel and Deadly Event for Dogs

More than 100,000 animal advocates have e-mailed Coca-Cola, but the company is still sponsoring the cruel Iditarod event. Leave comments on Coca-Cola's Facebook and Instagram pages, tweet the company, and take action onPETA's alert to urge Coca-Cola to pull its sponsorship of the race.
Hunter Crushed by Elephant

Shot Elephant Falls on Trophy Hunter, Killing Him

Trophy hunter Theunis Botha was leading a hunt in Zimbabwe when the group disturbed a herd of elephants during breeding (which their decimated population desperately needs). Read and share the story on Facebook and show yet another reason why hunting kills.
Germany Pig Investigation

PETA Germany Blows Whistle on Farms Taking Part in the Initiative for Animal Welfare

The footage shows pigs who are kept on hard, slatted floors and covered with excrement, crammed together with other animals in small, barren pens. Is this how you imagine the life of a happy pig?
Elephant Rides

Endangered Asian Elephants Exploited as Tourist Attractions for Four Seasons

Elephants held captive at this “luxury camp” are forced to give rides and are even used to play "elephant polo" in an annual tournament. What happens during the training of baby elephants in the industry will break your heart.
Military Trauma Training

Coast Guard Becomes First Branch of the Armed Forces to Ban Animal Use in Trauma Drills

Following pressure from PETA, our supporters, and members of Congress—especially Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-Calif.)—the head of the U.S. Coast Guard is ending all shooting, stabbing, and killing of animals for trauma-training drills and switching to superior human simulators. Now urge Congress to support the BEST Practices Act and enact a ban across all military branches.
Veestro Meal Plans

13 Ways to Get Vegan Meals Delivered to Your Doorstep

Veestro is giving PETA supporters a 25 percent discount on all its meal plans, and 5 percent goes back to PETA when you use the promo code PETA25.
bulletTell Magician and Clowns to Disappear From SeaWorld
bulletLet's Urge Furla to Stop Killing Animals for Key Chains
bulletAsk the Erie SeaWolves to Cancel Cruel 'Monkey Rodeo'
bulletUrge Jordan World Circus to End All Animal Acts


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