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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

RSN: John Kiriakou | A Fair Trial for Julian Assange

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John Kiriakou | A Fair Trial for Julian Assange 
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. (photo: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters) 
John Kiriakou, Reader Supported News 
Kiriakou writes: "If recent press reports are to be believed, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is the target of a secret grand jury investigation, either in the federal court of the District of Columbia or in the notorious Eastern District of Virginia, known colloquially as 'the espionage court.'" 
The US Has a Homegrown Terrorist Problem - and It's Coming From the Right 
Colbert I. King, The Washington Post 
King writes: "Richard W. Collins III, fatally stabbed last weekend on the University of Maryland's College Park campus, was as innocent as the 22 victims slain in the Manchester suicide bombing on Monday." 
Tamir Rice's Killer Has Been Fired From Cleveland Police, but Not Because He Killed a 12-Year-Old. 
Alan Pyke, ThinkProgress 
Pyke writes: "Cleveland Police Officer Timothy Loehmann was fired Tuesday morning by city officials, nearly two years after he shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice outside a recreation center in the city." 
Former Panama Strongman Manuel Noriega Dies at 83 
Excerpt: "Panamanian ex-general Manuel Noriega died Monday night at the age of 83 in the Santo Tomas hospital, government officials confirmed." 
Texas Lawmaker Says He Called ICE on Protesters of Sanctuary Cities Ban 
David Boddiger, Fusion 
Boddiger writes: "Hundreds of protesters showed up to the Texas Legislature Monday during the last day of the year's regular session. They were there to speak out against Senate Bill 4, the 'show me your papers' law already signed by Gov. Greg Abbott that bans sanctuary cities and criminalizes law enforcement decisions to ignore immigration agent requests." 
What Is It Like to Live Without Running Water? Detroit Families Know 
Zenobia Jeffries, YES! Magazine 
Jeffries writes: "Each day, Catherine Caldwell hauls three gallons of bottled water to her bathroom and two to her kitchen. She and her family use the water for flushing the toilet, washing hands, and - after heating it on the stove - cleaning dishes and cooking. For bathing, they head to her mother-in-law's house a few blocks away." 
Raw Milk: A Superfood or Super Risky? 
Charlotte Simmonds, Guardian UK 
Simmonds writes: "How do you like your milk: cooked or raw? It may sound an odd question, but it's being asked more often at kitchen tables, grocery stores and farmers' markets across the US." 

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